Best Minimum Deposit Casinos 2020 in Canada

You don’t have to make big deposits to win big

Reading this article, you will learn precious information about minimum deposit casinos, such as:

Minimum Deposit Casinos

cashbackYou do not have to spend a lot of money to play the very best games an online casino has to offer. You can find plenty of casinos with minimum deposits that will suit your wallet. Canadian players can choose from an abundance of casinos while still staying within their budget and filling their bank accounts.

It is not difficult to see the advantages of minimum deposit plays — Canadian players can make a low deposit, save money, and still have a chance to win big! Luckily, there are loads of online casinos that offer a minimum deposit to play casino games, such as slots, table games, video poker, and more.

For many players these days, making a big deposit before knowing the quality of the service provided by casinos makes them lose interest. Experienced players know how important it is to have a chance to try out a new casino while still making a minimum deposit — no one wants to break their bank for a casino they don’t yet trust.

What Are Minimum Deposit Casinos?

manAs the name already suggests, minimum deposit casinos are online gambling sites that offer a welcome deposit bonus and, possibly, other opportunities, such as free spins, to win real money for a low deposit. A minimum deposit casino is a good starting point for players who want to turn a casino minimum and walk out as winners.

Some of the best minimum deposit online casinos offer fantastic promotions where new players can reinforce their accounts by four or five times their initial investment. Promotions can be as big as a 400% or 500% match bonus on the first deposit.

That is one of the reasons why an online casino with a minimum deposit is better than an online casino with no deposits. Let me elaborate on that. You can invest $5, and if the deposit match is 400%, you will now have $20 more in your account — much more than what you have started with betting.

Why Choose Low Deposit Casinos?

money 1Casinos that require minimum deposits are always highly sought after by new players and experienced players who want to enjoy new casino games. Players want to place reasonable bets at a casino — especially if they have never played at that casino before.

Although all casinos want their users to place huge bets because it generates them more money, there are plenty of casinos that offer a deposit as low as $1. There are a few benefits that come with using an online casino with a $1, $5 or $10 minimum deposit.

Firstly, for a player who has never gambled using real money, this low deposit casino is an excellent chance to try out different online games and see which they will enjoy. The terms are quite simple — users can invest as little as the casino offers, try out slots and free spins, and then decide to put up more money.

Additionally, the welcome bonus packages and deals are usually outrageously generous. New players have the upper hand here because they can get a match bonus on their first deposit and some other promotions — depending on the online casino. These bonuses can be quite lucrative, and they are worth your attention.

Lastly, minimum deposit casinos, in most cases, have a user-friendly mobile casino. That option is an amazing one for players on the go that prefer to enjoy games anywhere and at any time.

However, always read the terms and conditions before you sign in on anything. The fine print will tell you if the bonus packages, promotions, free spins, and other offers are actually the same as the casino advertises them.

Start Small With $1 Deposit Casinos and Win Big

goalThe lowest deposit that you can find on a Canadian online casino site is $1 — and, honestly, how can you invest any lower than that? Most of these sites offer very straightforward terms — register a new account, use a payment method to deposit $1 minimum deposit, play the games, and withdraw your winnings.

Keep in mind that some online deposit casinos will request a certain number of plays before allowing you to withdraw money, but you can learn more about that in the casino’s T&Cs.

The $1 deposition option is imperative because gambling should not be a luxury. Anyone should be allowed to bet without breaking their budgets. This option is great if you are looking not to make big financial risks and be a responsible bettor. $1 deposit casino is a superb option that provides some bonus cash, casino gambling, and a lot of fun experiences while not spending a fortune.

Most $1 casinos rely on their mobile casinos where you can also use the dollar minimum deposit. It is the best Canadian minimum deposit that any player can get anywhere because they can make a deposit online when in a hurry.

Are There $1 Deposit Casino Bonuses?

gamingDon’t get fooled by the minimum amount you deposit — most of the casinos still offer bonuses with a minimum deposit. However, a small deposit means a smaller bonus.

Players often forget that they can make a higher first deposit — it does not have to be $1. You can deposit $30 at the beginning and continue depositing $1. It is a common misunderstanding, but there are usually no maximum limits for first deposits. This hack will allow you to take full advantage of the welcome casino bonus.

Deposit Match

poker chipThe most commonly provided bonus is a 100% match bonus on a $1 deposit. Some casinos do offer a much higher deposit match, even a 2000% match, but that is an infrequent situation. In any case, you are still getting a bonus.

If a bonus looks too good to be true, make sure to check whether the casino is licensed by relevant authorities.

Free Spins

slot machine 1Most Canadian online casinos usually offer free spins. The spins can vary from 80 free spins on MegaMoolah or 100 on Starburst; they are a great way to accumulate some extra winnings that can turn into real cash. The payout depends on the wagering requirements that every online casino sets for themselves.

But if you come across casinos that offer a combination of a deposit bonus and free spins, do not pass that excellent opportunity because it is a rare one.

$5 Minimum Deposit Casinos — A Safe Bet

satisfactionProbably the best option before you decide to deposit a more significant amount of money is the $5 minimum deposit casino. Canadian players use this option frequently to test out the market and try out casino games that they couldn’t otherwise.

Additionally, they can make sure that customer support meets their requirements and test which payment options they can rely on. The advantages that we just mentioned are the reason why $5 deposit casinos are a great stepping stone to huge winnings.

Another advantage of $5 deposit casinos is that most of them increased security due to a large number of online players. Keep in mind that security is a significant investment, and $1 deposit casinos will probably try to save on security. Personal information and payment details are protected with both casino types.

Most $5 deposit casinos offer the ability to visit online casinos and make a deposit on a laptop, tablet, or smartphone. If you opt for the mobile casino version, you can either download the casino app or use the browser version that usually runs smoothly. If you choose to stay in the comfort of your home and use a desktop or laptop version, there is no need to download the software — just play.

Which Bonuses to Expect With $5 Minimum Deposit Casinos?

rewardBoth new punters and experienced ones will enjoy the possibilities that come with wagering in $5 deposit casinos. Aside from the ability to explore what an online casino offers, players are welcomed with a bonus and other bonus credits.

Deposit Match

poker chipThe usual welcome bonus at the $5 deposit casinos is a 100% match on the first deposit, which means you will have an additional $5 in your account. Some casinos will offer a set-in-stone welcome bonus of, for example, $25 that will be added to your account after your first deposit.

As with everything, do not forget to check the casino’s terms to be sure whether the bonus will be the same as presented in the casino’s ad.

Free Spins

slot machine 1If you make a $5 deposit as part of the terms set by minimum deposit casinos, you will probably receive a number of free spins to use. The casinos will previously select one or more games on which you can use your spins. The games differ from casino to casino.

Look out for the terms and wagering requirements — it would be disappointing to find out that the wagering requirements are too high after you have made a deposit and collected the spins. A scenario like this results in you making another deposit to be able to request a payout, which beats the purpose of the welcome bonus.

$10 Minimum Deposit Casinos

casino chipsThe most common option among minimum deposit casinos is the $10 deposit casino. Most deposit casino users would argue that a $10 deposit casino is the best way to get an experienced player to switch up their online casino game.

Usually, with a $10 minimum deposit, there is a longer time frame for players to enjoy the games. If players have more time to explore online casinos and casino games, they have better odds of hitting a jackpot. It makes for an excellent incentive for new players and old-timers.

The pros that come with a $10 deposit casino make a player more comfortable with making an additional deposit over time with a chance to win real money. Online casinos impose low minimum deposit limits because they want to attract more users.

Canadian users would most often opt for a $10 minimum deposit to take advantage of a sizeable bonus that is provided by the casino. The $10 deposit casinos still fit in the budget but provide better options and outcomes for the deposit casino’s users.

Casinos keep up with the trends so they make sure to develop software that will run smoothly on both laptops and mobile devices. You can come across many $10 deposit casinos that you can play on while you’re riding the train on your way to work.

Bonus Options: $10 Deposit Casinos

gift 1$10 is still a low deposit, compared to what some online casinos request, and it is the one that can provide you with a hefty bonus payout. These types of deposit casinos offer different types of welcome bonuses — either in the form of deposit match or free spins.

Deposit Match

poker chipAs with other casinos, the deposit matches depend on the terms of the casino you chose. A casino can choose to match your first deposit with 100% or even 500% for a $10 minimum. Both cases will leave you with more money on your account than you initially started with.

Some Canadian $10 deposit casinos offer a set-in-stone bonus — usually $30. These types of minimum deposit casinos are always in high demand. Never forget to check the casino’s terms to see whether the deposit match comes with a catch or not. Most casinos provide terms that are candid and clear.

Free Spins

slot machine 1A $10 deposit casino is heaven for players that want to make a minimum deposit but still win big. The majority of casinos that accept a $10 minimum deposit will also provide new players with free spins promos to try out their luck.

A casino with a $10 minimum deposit will usually offer 50, 100, or more free spins. Spins offer little risk that can get you a chance to win real money, which can later be paid out if the wagering requirements have been met. Always check the terms to see if you can meet all needs before you decide to take part in a $10 deposit casino.

Minimum Deposit Casinos: Payment Methods

debit cardSome players use the minimum deposit casinos to learn more about the payment system of the casino. Especially players that are interested in making more substantial financial commitments want to know how a particular casino’s payment methods function in order to choose the one that runs smoothly. This strategy is a smart one to determine a casino’s possible hidden costs or fees.

If you are playing on a budget, make sure to choose a casino without any additional fees for deposits and withdrawals or a casino with minimal costs.

Even if you stick to minimum investments, there are options for depositing and withdrawing money. Of course, they differ depending on a casino, but usual payment methods that you can come across are:







Frequently Asked Questions

If a casino is licensed by a registered authority, there are no reasons why the casino should not be safe — be sure to do your homework before you deposit money.

Yes, there are. Every player wants to profit even if they make a minimum deposit, so many casinos now offer welcome bonuses for their new users.

Most online casinos try to keep up with advanced technology so they will offer the possibility of playing on the go.

Almost every Canadian minimum deposit casino offers sizeable prizes, especially if you make the most out of the welcome package, including possible free spins.

Any casino that wants to gain the trust of its customers will use encryption in an SSL form to help ensure that their players’ data is secure. Players can check the terms and conditions to see which encryption system a casino uses.