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Free Slots for European Players

Playing free slots online is the best way to try out some of the best casino games. Here we’ll tell you all you need to know before you start playing!


Free Slots for Euro Players

A massive part of gambling today, especially online, lies in slots. Online slots are available everywhere online nowadays, and a lot of these online casinos offer them for free as well.

However, there’s a lot of knowledge you can gain about them, especially about how to play free slots and many other casino games. Playing them for free is a great way to gain experience before you decide to play them using real money. That’s why we wanted to give you a detailed guide on free slots and everything you need to know before you begin your own tests.

If you’re based in a European country, this guide will walk you through the best places to play free slots and which ones are the best, but also about how they work, how to play them, and everything else you might want to know. So, let’s dive in!

Why Should You Play Free Slots?

Free SpinsMany people want to try out some free slots, but then they start to wonder why they should do so. It’s a good question and for a good reason.

First of all, playing slots is fun, which is probably the main reason why one should play them. Naturally, playing slots with real money is a lot more fun, but free slots are there for you to test games and find the ones you like the most.

Playing them for free or for real money is the same from the gaming perspective. The only difference, however, is that your perception changes when you start using real money, as that’s when the real fun starts. It’s a lot more fun to use money in these games as then the excitement becomes real.

What Are Free Slots and Where to Play Them?

ThinkingFree slots are the same as regular slots, with the only difference being that you play them for fake money or credits.

They operate in the same way as regular slots, but as they don’t require money to play, free slots are a great way to test out specific slots before you play them for real. That’s why most online casinos give you the chance to play demo versions of their slots that are completely free. After you’ve played them for a while, you can choose to play these with real money, or move on to the next one.

The good thing here is that there are thousands of slots on the web, and most of them can be played for free.

You can test out thousands of free slots on several sites, no matter where in Europe you’re based, but you still want to play only the ones that are worth playing.

Which Free Online Slots Are Good?

CompareAs you can probably already guess, if there are thousands of free slots online, that must mean that not all of them are good. And you’re completely right with that because the majority of the slots available are not worth your time. Many are rigged to make you think they should be played for real money, while others are downright bad in either design, the gameplay, and more.

However, the rest are more than worth your time. They are great and can provide you with hours upon hours of fun. The only thing that you need to do is find them, but that’s where we can help.

Where to Play Free Slots?

What to look forAs we’ve said, you can play slots for free almost anywhere. The key is to find slots developed by reputable developers and avoid the bad ones.

You Can Play a Free Slot on Any Device

MobileFirst of all, you need to know that you can play free slots on almost any device, be it a computer (Windows, Mac, Linux), a tablet, or a smartphone (Android and iOS). As free slots don’t use real money, there aren’t many rules about them and they aren’t even considered gambling. All you need is a device with a stable Internet connection and the desire to play!

Naturally, the mobile versions are best played via a dedicated app, while the ones you want to play on desktop require either HTML5 or Flash browsers.

Which Slot Developers Are Good?

MedalThe main way to discern the good from bad slots is to look for who made them. There are hundreds of software developers for online slots, but only a handful are truly good and their games are thus worth playing.

What’s more, the ones that are good have such strong reputations that they have cult followings. They might even have some average slots, but people still love them, and they know that the games won’t trick them or waste their time. Yes, the developers might occasionally make a bad game, but the majority is still great, or at least good enough.

Naturally, the reputable developers are good as they put a lot of money into making their slots. Consequently, their slots are played for real money. Most people do, but thankfully, you can still play demo versions for free, or entire slots for free, until the moment when you decide to use real money.

The most popular slot and other casino games developers are:

There are many other well-respected slot game developers as well, and you’ll most likely run into them once you start visiting online casino sites and trying out a couple of free slots they offer.

What Separates the Good Slot Developers from the Bad?

Good or BadYes, reputation is the main thing that separates the wheat from the chaff in the world of slot developers, but there are still specific things that have made that great reputation possible.

None of the Slots Are Rigged

ReliabilityWe already mentioned in the beginning that many online slots tend to be rigged, especially the ones that are free. They essentially let you win a lot when you play them for free, making you feel confident. Only after you invest some real money will you start losing it more often than expected.

This is not a thing you need to worry about if you play slots made by reputable developers as these are never rigged in any way. What’s more, you’ll easily detect the ones that are rigged because the sites don’t have valid licenses and their slots are always made by some obscure developers, or in some cases, don’t have a developer named at all.

It’s important to quickly check if a slot and casino are reputable by doing a quick Google search. Don’t register on a site that’s not known and definitely don’t start playing anything with real money there.

Slots Use the Random Number Generator

Random Number GeneratorAll reputable developers use the same method to make their slots and other casino games fair — they embed a feature called Random Number Generator (RNG). This is a simple piece of code that enables the games to operate in a random fashion. It’s a way all software developers of casino games make their games truly random, as that’s the whole point of gambling games. So, if you’re lucky, you’re lucky, it’s as simple as that.

So, for example, when you play a slot game, the RNG ensures that once you spin the reel, the symbols that come out do so randomly. Naturally, on a global level, the odds are always in the casino’s favor, that’s why the Return to Player percentage (RTP) is always below 100%, ensuring that the casino’s bottom line will always be positive.

However, on an individual level, this means nothing as one player can still win a lot more than the casino gains from them, or lose more than they win. It’s always about luck for an individual player, and thanks to the RNG, that’s possible with online slots.

Which Online Casinos Are the Best?

CasinoJust as much as the game developer matters, so does the place you’re playing the game. This is especially true with casino games like slots, be them free or paid. You want the online casino to offer what a player deserves, and that’s good service and a massive library of casino games. But there’s a lot more to it.

Online Casinos Must Have Valid Licenses

LicenseAll online casinos must respect the laws in the countries they operate. The laws and regulations vary from country to country, but they always award specific licenses made by official regulatory bodies that deal with gambling.

Each European country has its own iGaming regulations, so the body that regulates online casinos for you depends on which European country is your place of residence.

If an online casino has a valid gambling license awarded to them by the country you live in, you know that you can freely play a slot on their site. This license ensures you, as a regular player, won’t be tricked in any way and that the casino won’t steal money from you.

Naturally, this doesn’t really matter for free slots as there is nothing to steal, but if you want to play truly great slots for free, you have to play them at reputable sites that offer slots made by reputable developers.

What’s more, even when casinos have licenses, they are still audited from time to time. This ensures that they operate in a fair manner all the time and not just by the time they receive their license.

Online Casinos Must Have a Massive Library of Casino Games

Game SelectionEven if you only want to play free slots, you still want the online casino to have a massive library of games because that’s a great indicator of how good an online casino is.

There’s a simple rule of thumb here, as long as the casino has several thousand games in it, it’s good. The more games it has, the more reputable it is and the more quality service it offers. What’s more, the number of games also indicates the quality of the promotions. These might not matter much to a player looking for free slots, but you never know when you’ll start playing.

More importantly, bigger online casinos tend to have some great welcome bonuses that can be of use to players looking for free slots, as these sometimes give money just for registering! We’ll discuss these bonuses in the review later on.

Online Casinos Should Have Great Customer Support

Customer SupportAs is always the case, you want a site you’re using regularly to have a great customer support team. This is another indicator of how good an online casino is because the best online casinos are known for offering 24/7 customer support with employees who are always responsive and eager to help.

Plus, you want the casino to have a wide variety of ways of reaching customer support. It’s best when you can reach them through a live chat, email, and even via phone.

How Good Slots Work and What Makes Them Better Than the Rest

Pros ConsMost online slots work in a similar manner as they are all the same type of casino game. However, the good slots have very discernible features and options that separate them from the pack.

We aim to help you identify these so you can easily spot only the best free slots (and paid ones as well!).

The Grid Structure

Grid StructureAlmost all slots today operate in the same manner. They all have a grid with reels on them which you need to spin and get specific combinations of symbols to win.

Most slots, be them free or paid ones, use the same grid structure — five by three. This means that there are five reels and three rows. Naturally, this can be different, and most developers tend to experiment to create something new and enticing for players like you.

However, the grid structure rarely affects the quality of the slot. They are just the motherboard on which all other components lie.

Payline Structure

StructureUnlike the grid structure, the payline structure does affect the quality of the game. Paylines are essentially the lines on the grid which connect symbols and act as winning combinations. The number of paylines has a significant effect on how much and how often you can win.

In general, the higher the number of paylines, the higher the chance to win. However, as long as the slot follows a 5×3 grid, it’s best for the number of paylines to be between 10 and 50. However, you can run into slots with as little as one payline or as many as 1,000.

The Bet Amount

Euro CoinsThe betting amount is the amount of money you bet in each spin. It might not sound important for a free slot, but you still have an option to set it. It’s still the same as it is with paid slots, the only difference being that you’re only betting credits or fake euros.

What’s more, it’s crucial to play online free slots with good betting amounts because you never know when you’ll decide to move on to the paid version and start betting some real money. It’s thus better to pick free slots that have low minimums and high maximums when it comes to the betting limit.

There’s not really an exact number here, but the bigger the span between the minimum and the maximum amount, the better. That’s because you want your slot to allow you to bet small amounts when you’re low on credits, and to bet higher amounts when you’re chasing a jackpot or a massive win.

The Autoplay Feature

AutoplayThe autoplay feature is that one crucial feature in a free slot that many players cherish. It’s good for a slot to have it, as you can use it to quickly and easily test slots (if that’s what you’re looking to do). If not, then it’s still good to set it and just sit back and relax while the reels spin on their own.

All in all, you want to have the option available even if you like to play slots manually, as you never know when you’ll want to relax and let the game do its own thing. Plus, many free slots have a timeout feature, meaning they stop operating after a few minutes of inactivity. Even though there’s no real money involved, it’s still annoying when you can’t pause the game and you have to go to the bathroom.

Regular Symbols

Blue JewelSymbols are one of the most important aspects of a slot, as they are the ones you need to connect via paylines to win.

The way symbols connect (left-to-right or right-to-left) and the variety of paylines differ greatly, but all slots have the same sets of symbols: low-paying symbols, high-paying symbols, and special symbols. Some games even have mid-paying symbols, but these are rare.

All but the special symbols don’t really influence the quality of the game. However, it’s still good for them to come in a wider variety and to pay more than in other slots.

Special Symbols

Starburst WildSpecial symbols are very likely the most important feature in a slot besides bonus features. Most games have two kinds of special symbols: Scatters and Wilds. When any of these land on the reels, you know it because that’s when you win the most or get to win through the bonus features the slot has.

The importance of these symbols is massive because the better they are, the more chances you have to win. In essence, special symbols can increase the RTP of the slot, so you’ll win more often than usual.

The Wilds are there to substitute regular symbols and make new connections, while the Scatters are there to activate bonus rounds which tend to mostly come in the form of free spins. Some developers tend to experiment and create new types of special symbols to make their slots more interesting, so you should definitely watch out for those. If you’re interested in the special symbols, just open up the paytable once you enter a slot, as this is where you will usually find them.

Bonus Features

Money BagMost bonus features are activated by Scatter symbols, and they mostly come in the form of free spins, with slight alterations between each slot. However, some slots offer different bonus features as well. In general, the best slots either offer a small number of bonus features that tend to come often or offer a wider selection of bonus features that tend to come less often, but not rarely.

It’s good to play as many free slots with interesting bonuses as possible to get the feel of them before you start playing for real. Bonus features are where players win the most money, so it’s vital for a slot to have compelling bonus features.

Progressive Slots

JackpotProgressive slots are the ones you need to look for as they offer jackpots that progressively get bigger. This means that every player of the slot contributes a small part of their bet to an overall pool of money that’s awarded to one player in the form of a jackpot.

Naturally, progressive slots are rare, and these jackpots are even rarer, but they are still worth playing, especially once you move on to playing the slot for real.

Return to Player (RTP)

PercentageWe already mentioned the RTP a few times before, and it’s the percentage that shows how much money players are likely to get back from their original bet. The best RTPs are those closest to 100%. For instance, if a slot has an RTP of 97%, it means that a player will get €97 for a €100 stake.

Naturally, as the slots use random number generators, this percentage is not fixed in stone. This means that you still have a chance to win some massive amounts for a small bet. The RTP only matters as it shows you how good a slot is at giving money back to players, not how much you’ll get for every specific playing session.

Bonuses and Free Spins

BonusWe also need to cover another aspect of paid slots that makes them free in a specific sense of the word. What we mean by that is the slots that you can technically play for free by using free spins and bonuses awarded to you by the online casino.

Many online casinos tend to offer promotions and bonuses all the time. Many are there from time to time or on special occasions. However, what you can always expect is for a casino to offer you a welcome bonus. This bonus is usually a specific amount that’s based on the amount you deposit. It’s an incentive made for new players and it’s a great way to get some free money to spend on one of your favorite slots.

However, in some cases, casinos award a no deposit bonus, which is also an incentive for new players, but it’s one that you get after registering and without making a single deposit! Basically, it’s a way to win real money without spending nothing, but you should be aware that these bonuses are usually smaller and the wins have a maximum over which you cannot go. They also tend to come in the form of free spins which you can use in specific slots.

When it comes to all promotions and bonuses, it’s vital for you to check the terms and conditions section of the casino’s site, as there are always rules and stipulations pertaining to their promotions, like the before-mentioned maximum win amounts, and more.

How to Start Playing Slots for Free?

TipsIt’s fairly simple, and now that you know which slots are good, you can start playing them. All you need to do is choose one online casino by following the guidelines we’ve already given you. Once you find a reputable online casino, all you have to do is pick a slot that you find interesting for whatever reason and start playing.

The good thing here is that all of the great online casinos offer a wide range of slots to choose from, and most of them can be played for free.

You also don’t need to download anything. You can play them on any one of the devices you have.

In many cases, you don’t even have to register to play them for free, which is another great benefit of free slots. However, once you decide to play them for real money, you will have to go through a registration process that’s usually very straightforward. You will be asked to provide only the basic information to prove you are who you say you are. You’ll also need to add a deposit method, add some money to your account, and get started!

In essence, playing both types of slots is quite easy, but playing free slots is effortless, as that’s where you get to try things out and see what works for you and your playing style.

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