The Ultimate Guide to Free Spins - January 2020

Free spins 101 – learn how to master free money

When it comes to online gambling, free spins can be an excellent way to enhance your experience – that is, if you know how to use them. The thing is, when it comes to free spins, many players expect them to live up to the name FREE. However, there are rules and nuances that you should know if you want to use your free spins the best way.

For that reason, we’ve created this ultimate free spins guide where you will be able to learn everything there is to know about free spins and how to use them, regardless of which online casino you are playing at. You will learn what free spins are, why online casinos give them away to players, and how to make use of them in a way that benefits you the most.

When it comes to online gambling, free spins can be an excellent way to enhance your experience – that is, if you know how to use them. The thing is, when it comes to free spins, many players expect them to live up to the name FREE. However, there are rules and nuances that you should know if you want to use your free spins the best way. For that reason, we’ve created this ultimate free spins guide where you will be able to learn everything there is to know about free spins and how to use them, regardless of which online casino you are playing at. You will learn what free spins are, why online casinos give them away to players, and how to make use of them in a way that benefits you the most.

What Are Free Spins?

Online casinos will often give out free spins on various online slot machines where you can take advantage of the games without having to pay any of your own money. Players are gifted between five and twenty slots, and you can spin the reels for free. Here are the different ways to get free spins:

  • Free spins on signing up before making a deposit (also known as no deposit free spins)
  • Free spins after making a deposit (deposit free spins)
  • Free spins for the first few weeks after you’ve created an account
  • Free spins that are a part of bonus promotions

How Do Free Spins Actually Work?

Every casino has different rules on how to cash in on the free spins. Here are how some of the free spins work:

Free spins upon deposit

Online casinos love to offer welcome bonuses to entice new players to join the casino. As part of the welcome bonus, most casinos will give you 20 free spins for free, and then 200 free spins. However, those additional 200 spins will be credited to you only when you make your first deposit.

These free spins generally come with wagering requirements, and you have a specific allotted time to use them. For example, if you don’t use the free spins within a week, they will expire. Each casino handles free spins differently, so it’s always a good idea to review the casino’s terms and conditions.

Some casinos not only offer free spins on the first deposit but also will grant you more free spins on your second, third, fourth, sometimes, even the fifth deposit. Just like before, this depends on the type of welcome bonus that the casino offers and varies from online casino to online casino.

No Deposit Free Spins

No deposit free spins are relatively straightforward, and likely what you will want to take advantage of when you are looking to play at new casinos without having to spend your own money.

Many casinos offer no-deposit free spins, which means the spins are credited to your account as soon as you register an account. Usually, you will get between 10 and 50 free spins to use within a certain amount of time. This time period can range from one day to a week, depending on the individual casino.

What you need to remember is that these free spins are usually tied to a particular slot. For example, if a casino offers free spins, you might only be able to spin the reel at the slot machine Starburst only. If you wanted to play another slot, Mega Moolah, instead, then you need to make a deposit. In our example casino, your free spins can only be spent on Starburst.

Often, the no-deposit free spins are part of a welcome package. Sometimes, the casino might call it a no-deposit bonus, while other sites refer to it as an online casino free sign up bonus.

Other types of welcome packages might give you 20 spins when you first sign up and then give you 180 more when you make your first deposit, for a total of 200 spins. Another thing to keep in mind is that free spins always come with wagering requirements, which we will cover later.

Free Spins as Bonus Promotions

The best online casinos have weekly and monthly free spins bonus promotions that enable you to get free spins not only on Starburst but various other slots like Rainbow Riches as well. These promotions are usually awarded to players just for visiting the casino during the promotional period. Sometimes, the players will have to make a deposit of at least £10 and will receive between 10-200 free spins. For this type of promotion, the bigger the deposit, the more spins you will typically get. These free spins are usually rewarded right after the player makes a deposit.

The promotions are usually:

  • Free spins on a specific day on a particular slot: These promotions can be found at online casinos that have ongoing weekly promotions. You may also use them on a variety of games and aren’t just limited to one slot machine, like Twin Spin.
  • Free spins for a new slot within the first week of its release: When a new slot is added to the casino’s platform, the casino will usually promote the slot machine by offering free spins. For example, if Microgaming were to create a new game, they might offer free spins to encourage new players to play the game. If the game is good and people like it, it might mean they spend their own money on it later down the road.

Moreover, there might be a new welcome package that will be available only for the promotional period, where new players will receive the usual welcome bonus and free spins (usually 10-50) in the new slot.

  • Mobile app promotions. Nowadays, most casinos will offer both a desktop version of their casino and a mobile version. To encourage their gamblers to play on the go, they might provide a special bonus if you download the mobile app.

Do I Need a Bonus Code to Get Free Spins?

Most often, you will not need a code to get the free spins. However, depending on the situation, you might need to use codes. Here are a few examples of bonus codes:

  • If the casino offers different welcome bonuses, you may need to use a code to choose which package you want. This is often the case with free spins for a new slot machine.
  • If the free spins are available upon making a deposit, the casino might use bonus codes to enable the players to choose whether they want the free spins or not.
  • External bonus codes are often offered on other websites rather than at the casino’s page itself.
  • We provide bonuses for all the popular casino games. Players can use to get free spins or other bonuses. These have an expiration date, so make sure to check on the casino’s website if the code is still active.

Do I Get to Keep My Winnings?

The question many players want an answer to: do I get to keep the winnings from free spins? The short answer is yes. The long answer is a bit more complicated. When you play with free spins and win, your winnings are added to your balance in your casino account. This means that you can use the winnings to continue playing at the casino, on any slot or other casino games, but you cannot withdraw them yet because the winnings come with wagering requirements.

What Are the Free Spins You Get While Playing a Slot Machine?

The free spins you get when you play a slot machine are basically bonus rounds, similar to multipliers and wilds. You can typically figure out when you will be awarded free spins while playing by looking at the paytable on the online slot machine. In order to get these, you need to trigger them via a special combination. This combination is unique and varies from game to game. It might require you to hit a certain symbol in a particular order to activate the free spins. The free spins will be used immediately inside the game you’re playing. Therefore, there is a vast difference between these free spins and deposit/no-deposit free spins you’re awarded by the casinos. If you got the free spins when making a deposit or as a part of a promotion can be used whenever you want within a certain time-frame.

What Is a Wagering Requirement?

Many players refer to the wagering requirements as “the catch” of free spins. However, as long as you pay attention to the rules, you should never be confused or upset when you can’t access your winnings. A wagering requirement means that you need to “play through” your winnings at the casino before you’re able to withdraw them. A less complicated explanation is that you need to keep playing with your free spins winnings until you’ve completed the wagering requirements.

Wagering requirements are put in place to help the casino from losing money. If players won big on their first spin, they might want to take their money and go. Casumo, an online casino, offers its players 20 spins as part of its welcome bonus. For this particular casino, the wagering requirement is 30x. That means you must bet that £20 thirty times over, or until you have bet £600 in total. That does not mean that you have to win £600 in total. Instead, when adding together the amount you bet, it must equal more than £600. If you get on a losing streak and lose the £20, then it’s over. This means that you will need to make a deposit with real money to play, and any winnings you get from those are yours to keep, without any additional wagering requirements. However, if you do meet the wagering requirements, that money is yours to keep, and you can either withdraw it or use it to gamble on other slots or games.

A reputable online casino will always be transparent about their wagering requirements. Look on their website to make sure you are following the rules properly, so you aren’t disappointed when you can’t access your winnings or jackpot.

Why Do Casinos Hand out Free Money?

Casinos are a business, and they understand that they need to entice people to come through their doors. After all, why play at Leo Vegas when there are hundreds of other online casinos to play at? Casinos know that by offering a relatively inexpensive promotion, they might entice you to spend more money with them in the long-run, benefiting the casino.

To the casinos, the free spins you get will have a value, but it is relatively small. For example, if the value of a free spin is £0.10 and you get ten free spins, then those ten free spins will cost the casino £1 (£0.10×10), which is not a lot. In the long run, if you were to become a long-term player at the casino, that £1 investment might pay out in hundreds or thousands of dollars.

As most experienced gamblers know, 10-20 free spins per day might be spent within minutes. If you want to play for a more extended amount of time, you will need to make your own deposits. Casinos know this and use this to their advantage. They might let you play for a few minutes on a slot machine, like Centurion, and they understand that the game is so much fun, you will want to continue having fun. Before you are done, you might run out of free money, which might mean you make another deposit.

Casinos do this to entice players to sign up, make a deposit, and keep playing even after they’ve spent their free spins. As in the case of giving away free spins on new slots, the casinos use these to ensure that players will try out the latest slot. If they like it, they will continue playing the slot after their free spins are spent. Even if they don’t, they will remember that the casino gave them free spins, causing the players to choose that online casino versus the many other online casinos.

Is There a Limit to How Much I Can Win by Playing with Free Spins?

Many casinos will put a limit on how much you can win by playing with free spins. This limit will vary from casino to casino. For this reason, the best thing you can do when using free spins is first to check their terms and requirements. There, you will find out just how much you can win by using free spins and what are the wagering requirements for your winnings.

For example, if the casino puts a cap of £10,000 on how much you can win with free spins. If you were to hit it lucky on the progressive slots and hit the jackpot of £100,000, unfortunately, the most you would be able to take home is £100,000. Therefore, if you are playing on a progressive slot, which tends to have bigger jackpot wins, it might be better to play with your own money, rather than be disappointed when you can’t take home your entire pot of winnings.

This limit is imposed on many slots and often applies to all types of free spins, regardless of whether you got them through a bonus round or a promotion. If you trigger the free spins in a game, you might not be able to take home more than a set amount, depending on the casino and game.

What Are Some of the Best Casinos That Offer No Deposit Free Spins?

Because there are so many casinos out there that offer bonuses, it can be hard to know which one to trust. Not all of these casinos are legitimate, so it is always a good idea to check the reviews of the online casino on other websites to make sure that you aren’t putting your trust in a shady website.

Here are some of the best online casinos that offer no deposit free spins that we trust completely:

  • PlayOJO: 80 free spins
  • Casumo: 30 free spins
  • LeoVegas: 20 free spins
  • Rizk: Spin the Wheel of Rizk where you will win at least ten free spins

You may want to look for casinos where the winnings of free spins are free of wagering requirements. For example, Guts Casino does not offer no-deposit free spins, but when you make a deposit, the free spins you get at Guts are entirely free of wagering requirements. Also, there is Rizk Casino, where you get to spin the Wheel of Rizk, and whatever you win is also free of wagering requirements, whether it is bonus money or free spins.

How to Get the Most out of Your Free Spins

  1. Always read the casino’s terms and requirements for free spins. This will let you know how much you can win and what are the wagering requirements of your winnings.
  2. Check which games make up the biggest percentage of the wagering requirements. This will typically be slots. Very few casinos will offer bonus money that you can then spend on table games, but there are a few casinos out there that do. If you want to use your winnings on table games, you might need to play more to complete the wagering requirements;
  3. Always be on the lookout for new releases. Casinos almost always give away free spins in order to promote them. It might be a great opportunity to win a grand or just have fun playing the game.
  4. Be on the lookout for other promotions. Keep an eye out for promotions with daily free spins, as well as weekly promotions. You might want to consider joining the email list or following the online casinos on social media to make sure you aren’t missing any promotions.
  5. Be aware of the promotion time-frame. You don’t want to lose your free spins because they’ve expired.
  6. Check to see what type of payout you get. For example, if you are more interested in getting paid via bitcoin than a direct cash deposit, that might be something you consider. Some casinos have strict rules about how you can receive your payout from the online casino.

A good piece of advice is to not count on free spins to make a lot of money for you. Instead, use them solely for fun and a chance to try out new games to see if you like that particular slot machine or online casino. The wagering requirements attached to the winnings means you might lose your winnings before you’re able to complete the requirements. Remember, the more spins or free money you are awarded, the more you have to wager before you can withdraw anything.