Book of Dead Free Spins

Book of Dead is a popular slot present in almost every renowned online casino. Learn the rules of the game and how to use its free spins.

Here are some of the main things we will cover in this guide to Book of Dead free spins:

Book of Dead is a hugely popular online slot made by the famous software developing company Play‘n Go. This developer is known for many popular titles such as Leprechauns Go to Hell, Gemix, Pearl Lagoon, Rage to Riches, Mystery Joker, and more. These titles are all played by thousands of gamers each day, but none of them is more popular than the one we’re going to be discussing in this post.

Since it came out in 2014, Book of Dead has been present in almost every renowned online casino in the world. Although new and more advanced online slots continuously hit the market, Book of Dead remains one of the most eminent video slots. The game has aged surprisingly well and gamers are not showing signs of giving it up any time soon.

What is it about Book of Dead that makes it timeless? Its gorgeous graphics and immersive sound effects are a great start, but it is mostly its fast-paced and exciting gameplay and interesting theme that captivate players. The game also has a ton of great bonus features, including the one we’re going to talk about today — free spins.

The fact that you’re reading this post means you’re interested in learning more about Book of Dead free spins. We’re going to explain in detail how you can unlock free spins in this game, as well as how to use free spins granted by various online casinos, so keep reading.

Casino Free Spins vs. Book of Dead Free Spins

Free SpinsThere are some clear differences between free spins that you receive as a part of a casino bonus and those granted during gameplay itself. Although both have the same name and seemingly work in a similar fashion, these two types of free spins differ rather significantly.

As you might have deduced, in-game free spins are earned by playing Book of Dead. Getting a specific set of symbols within the game triggers a Free Spins bonus. At this point, the game will go through whatever number of free spins you received, accumulating your winnings along the way.

A major feature included in the in-game free spins is the Expanding Wild feature. This element of the game can make a world of difference, as it essentially increases your chances of winning on each spin.

Casino free spins, on the other hand, are granted through welcome bonuses or other promotions offered by the online casino. They do not include the Expanding Wild feature, and they simply allow you to spin the slot reels a specified number of times for free.

Another significant difference between these two types of free spins can be seen in the wagering requirements. Free spins granted as part of a casino bonus come with all kinds of terms and conditions. Perhaps most importantly, your maximum winnings are almost always limited when playing with bonus free spins. This means you can never win a huge life-changing jackpot this way.

Also, wagering requirements tied to bonus free spins often prevent you from cashing out at will. If you end up winning any money with your casino-granted free spins, chances are that you’ll have to bet those winnings a certain number of times before they become available for withdrawal.

Given all this, it is clear that Book of Dead free spins earned during gameplay hold more value. They come with no strings attached and guarantee higher chances of winning. That said, bonus free spins grant you the opportunity to play for free, with no risk involved, which is a massive advantage on its own.

Book of Dead Overview

DetailsAs is the case with any slot game, free spins are one of Book of Dead’s most exciting features. That said, we should not ignore other aspects of this game, including its theme, bonus rounds, symbols, and other gameplay features.

Book of Dead Symbols

Rick WIldeBook of Dead has 10 symbols in total. Playing cards represent low-paying symbols, while Ancient Egyptian gods Osiris, Anubis and Isis represent high-paying ones. The game’s protagonist, Rick Wilde, is the highest-paying symbol in the game. You can come out with a 5,000x win if you manage to connect 5 Rick Wildes on a single payline.

Two high-paying symbols on a payline are enough to trigger a reward, while you need three low-paying symbols for the same result. Excluding Rick Wilde, the symbols in this game pay anywhere from 5x to 2000x.

Book of Dead Paytable

Even though no symbol in the game pays more than Rick Wilde, it is actually the Book of Dead symbol you should be hoping for. This symbol actually represents the game’s Joker card, meaning it has the ability to replace any other symbol and create combinations.

Also, Book of Dead serves as the game’s scatter symbol, meaning three or more will trigger a Free Spins bonus round.

Book of Dead Theme

EgyptMany modern video slots choose Ancient Egypt as their setting. This theme has been used so much in online slots that some users consider it overused. However, Book of Dead should be considered the trendsetter in this case, as many of the more modern Egypt-themed slots have taken inspiration from this game.

Unlike other titles using this time period, Book of Dead seems to do everything right and keeps its players entertained at all times. This is perhaps one of the biggest secrets of its long-term popularity.

We already mentioned the stellar sound effects and graphics in this game, but the quality here can hardly be overstated. The game’s timeless art style has been one of the main reasons for its longevity. The creators of this game, Play‘n Go, deserve lots of praise for their attention to detail and obvious passion that went into the creation of this title.

The game’s Indiana Jones-type protagonist, Rick Wilde, is on an adventure to explore the mysterious tombs of Ancient Egyptian pharaohs. His quest is to find the coveted Book of Dead.

That’s pretty much as far as the story goes, which is to be expected. After all, you don’t play online slots for the story — the characters and colourful symbols are mostly there to keep things aesthetically pleasing.

Book of Dead Odds, Paylines and Gameplay

Grid StructureAs far as video slots go, Book of Dead has a pretty standard gameplay loop. There are five reels with three rows each, filled with various symbols. Your goal is to connect as many identical symbols as you can across a single payline to form a winning combination.

The maximum number of available paylines in this game is 10. However, this number can be adjusted by players and can be as low as 1. Fewer paylines means lower odds of winning, but your stake is multiplied by the number of lines set. More paylines means more risk and a higher chance of winning.

In Book of Dead, your bankroll is expressed in coins. Their value can change depending on your chosen currency and the casino in question, but one coin almost always amounts to $1. You can change the value of coins in the game, ranging between 0.01 and 2. Also, you can bet up to five coins on a single spin.

For the sake of simplicity, high rollers can always opt for the Bet Max option that bets the maximum amount possible on every spin. If you’re not a fan of incessant clicking, you can also have the game do your spins for you, with the number of automatic spins ranging from 10 to 100.

The RTP in Book of Dead is a little above the industry average, sitting at a respectable 96.12%. For the uninitiated, RTP stands for Return to Player and represents how much money the players can expect to get back from the machine after a million spins. In this particular case, the casino will keep 3.88% of the money spent on Book of Dead, while everything else is returned to lucky players.

The operative word here is ‘lucky’. Since the RTP is calculated over a million of spins, you should not expect to win back 96.12% of the money you put in every time you play. In fact, if this were the case, playing slots would become quite a pointless exercise. The way it works is that most players come out with a lot less than 96.12%, while a lucky few win big.

Experienced players know that getting too hung up on RTP percentages is never a good idea — 0.1% up or down isn’t going to make a huge difference over a million spins. Just like any other online slot, Book of Dead is all about luck. It can give you a massive jackpot if you’re lucky or it can take your whole bankroll if you’re not.

If you are lucky enough to come out with a win, it is probably going to be thanks to bonus rounds, so it would be a good idea to explain those as well.

Book of Dead Bonus Rounds

Rich manBonus rounds are probably the most exciting part of any online slot, and Book of Dead is no exception. The game would certainly not be as popular as it is without its exceptional bonus rounds that break up the monotony of spinning the reels.


Card SuitMost likely, the first type of bonus round you will come across is the Gambling minigame. Each time you land any type of winning combination, the game will present you with the option to collect or gamble your winnings for a potentially higher reward.

A random ace card is presented at the start of each gambling round. At this point, you need to guess the colour or suit of the card. If you guess the right colour, your win is doubled, while guessing the correct suit quadruples your win. Each correct guess keeps you in the game, so you can potentially keep doubling or quadrupling your total amount indefinitely if you’re lucky.

Obviously, you have the option to step out and keep your current total at any point. It is a tricky case of risk/reward since it only takes one incorrect guess to lose your entire reward. The Gambling feature is unavailable during autoplay unless you specify you want the autoplay to stop after each win.

In-Game Free Spins (Scatter)

Book of Dead ScatterThree Book of Dead symbols in a single spin will get you 10 free spins, regardless of whether they are on the same payline or not. This type of bonus is commonly referred to as a Scatter bonus precisely because the symbols can be scattered across the reels in no particular order.

Book of Dead Free Spins

If you’re lucky enough to get another three Book of Dead symbols during the bonus round, you will receive another 10 free spins. This process can be repeated indefinitely, potentially granting you an infinite number of free spins. Before the round begins, a symbol will be chosen randomly to represent the game’s Expanding Wild symbol.

The Expanding Wild symbol can be highly rewarding and multiply your stake dozens of times. If the chosen symbol appears more than once on an active payline during the bonus round, it will expand to cover its entire reel and act as if it were a wild.

Book of Dead Casino Bonuses

BonusThanks to its popularity, Book of Dead is often the focus of various casino bonuses. Online casinos that have this game in their library want to advertise that, so they come up with all sorts of promotions and bonuses. These promotions include deposit and no-deposit bonuses, as well as other types of reward programmes.

No-Deposit Bonuses

No MoneySome online casinos generously reward their patrons simply for creating an account. They do not require you to deposit any money in order to receive a bonus gift. If you’re looking for a way to test the Book of Dead slot without any risk, this is the way to do it.

The demo mode of the game is available in almost any casino, but that means you can’t turn your winnings into real money. However, with free spin no-deposit bonuses, this becomes possible.

No-deposit bonuses are usually rather small, which is to be expected. It is free money, after all. You can expect about 10 to 20 free spins on average, and the most generous casinos might stretch the offer to 30 spins. If instead of free spins, the casino chooses to offer a cash bonus, it is rarely more than $10 or $20.

It should be noted that all bonuses come with certain wagering requirements, meaning you can’t simply make an account in an online casino and collect your $10 without playing any games. If online casinos were this generous, they would all be out of business a long time ago.

Another important thing to mention when it comes to no-deposit bonuses is that your maximum win will almost always be limited. This is because casinos don’t want you to win a jackpot amount without having made a prior deposit. Your maximum betting amount will also be limited, so you should not expect to win much in the first place.

These free spins no-deposit bonuses should be viewed as a chance to win some cash you can later use to play other games in the casino. There’s no risk involved, so you’ve literally got nothing to lose.

Deposit Bonuses

MoneyMost online casinos offer some sort of a welcome bonus to their new users. Almost always, these come in the form of match deposit bonuses.

This means that when you deposit some money in your new account, the casino will match your deposit up to a certain percentage (usually 100%), and up to a certain amount. These deposit bonuses can be used on all sorts of games that the casino has in its library.

Sometimes, however, casinos offer free spins as part of the welcome bonus. These are almost always tied to one game, such as Book of Dead. This means you can use the free spins on this one game only. The good news is that Book of Dead is often associated with free spins bonuses in many renowned casinos.

The number of free spins differs from casino to casino and often depends on the minimum deposit. Casinos with larger minimum deposits tend to have higher bonus amounts, including more free spins. Please be reminded that this is only a general rule and it doesn’t always have to be true.

Sometimes your free spins will be divided across several increments. For example, you might be entitled to 100 Book of Dead free spins as part of your welcome bonus, but the casino may decide to give you 60 free spins on your first deposit and 20 on each of the following two.

Frequently Asked Questions

The answer to this question is going to depend on the specific policy of the casino you choose to play in and doesn’t have much to do with the Book of Dead slot itself. However, we don’t see why you wouldn’t be able to combine any casino bonuses with Book of Dead free spins.

If your chosen casino has a mobile website or app, you will be able to play Book of Dead on the go, which means you should be able to use your free spins this way as well.

Most well-regarded online casinos offer Book of Dead in their library of games. This means you can get in-game free spins on all these websites since the game is the same regardless of the casino you play in. However, not all casinos will offer Book of Dead free spins as part of their bonus scheme.

This is another question that greatly depends on your chosen casino rather than the game itself. When it comes to in-game free spins, there are no wagering requirements. But when it comes to bonus free spins granted by your casino, they can range from 30x to 60x.

In any given round, three or more Book of Dead symbols will grant you 10 free spins. During any of these free spins, three Book symbols will grant an additional 10 spins, meaning the number of free spins you win in-game is potentially unlimited.

When it comes to bonus free spins granted by the casino, they can range from 10 or 20 in no-deposit bonuses or up to 100 or more in deposit bonuses.