Free Spins for NZ players - January 2020

We have collected all the free spins offers from only the best New Zealand Casinos

Every Kiwi gambler loves free spins, and they are a great way of adding to your online casino experience. However, some terms and conditions come with free spins, and it pays to know them before spinning.

We have a complete free spins guide that details everything New Zealand gamblers need to know about free spins. You can learn everything you need to know about playthrough requirements, free spins games, withdrawing options and much more.

The Open Gaming Society also looks at why casinos are happy to offer free spins and what benefits they have for New Zealand gamblers.

Every Kiwi gambler loves free spins, and they are a great way of adding to your online casino experience. However, some terms and conditions come with free spins, and it pays to know them before spinning. We have a complete free spins guide that details everything New Zealand gamblers need to know about free spins. You can learn everything you need to know about playthrough requirements, free spins games, withdrawing options and much more. The Open Gaming Society also looks at why casinos are happy to offer free spins and what benefits they have for New Zealand gamblers.

  • 1

    Captain Spins

    100% Rating

    $1200 Bonus

    260 Free Spins

    35 Wagering Requirement

  • 2


    100% Rating

    $1000 Bonus

    122 Free Spins

    15 Wagering Requirement

  • 3


    100% Rating

    80 Free Spins

    No Wagering Requirement

  • 4


    100% Rating

    $100 Bonus

    70 Free Spins

    35 Wagering Requirement

  • 5

    Just Spin

    100% Rating

    $500 Bonus

    500 Free Spins

    50 Wagering Requirement

  • 6

    Jonny Jackpot

    100% Rating

    NZ$1000 Bonus

    100 Free Spins

    35 Wagering Requirement

  • 7


    99% Rating

    $1500 Bonus

    300 Free Spins

    40 Wagering Requirement

  • 8

    Slots Million

    98% Rating

    $100 Bonus

    100 Free Spins

    48 Wagering Requirement

  • 9

    Lucky Hit

    98% Rating

    $300 Bonus

    100 Free Spins

    35 Wagering Requirement

  • 10

    Play Club

    95% Rating

    $200 Bonus

    100 Free Spins

    35 Wagering Requirement

  • 11

    Bob Casino

    95% Rating

    NZ$625 Bonus

    140 Free Spins

    40 Wagering Requirement

  • 12


    95% Rating

    $1000 Bonus

    300 Free Spins

    40 Wagering Requirement

Free Spins No Deposit Keep What You Win NZ

free spins keep winnings

How to get Free Spins in New Zealand

  • Sign up to an online casino.
  • Get deposit free spins when signing up, which doesn’t require money to be deposited.
  • Deposit to get your free spins and casino bonus.

It’s not overly hard to get free spins in New Zealand when wanting to play at an online casino. The first step is signing up for a casino to get your free spins and a casino bonus.

Many casinos will offer some form of free spins deals to introduce their customers to the range of casino games. Free spins enable players to check out the range of gaming providers and decide which game is best for them.

It also gives players an opportunity to score cash without needing to use their own. Free spins offered by online casinos are the right way of increasing your bankroll from the moment you sign up.

Signing up to an online casino is simple. They will ask you for your personal information, such as email, address and contact details. You’re then good to go, and if you signed up to a no deposit free spins promotion, you could start spinning straight away.

Your account is credited with your free spins. It pays to check the terms and conditions, as you might be limited to what games you can play. Many casinos will offer Microgaming or NetEnt titles, such as Starburst.

There is no set rule as to how many free spins you will receive. Casino bonus offers can range anywhere from 20 free spins, 30 free spins, 50 free spins, 100 free spins or more. Casinos will advertise their spins bonuses, so there shouldn’t be any confusion.

Deposit free spins are available at some online casinos. Players will get free spins without needing to make a deposit, which is a fantastic way to have fun and enjoy your casino bonus.

All you need to do is sign up, and you could win big. No deposit free spins aren’t often as generous as ones attached to deposit bonuses, but players will still get great spins offers made to them.

Not having to put cash into a casino and getting a chance to spin is a big attraction for new casino players. It not only gives you hope to get lucky playing the slots but also experience. Having experience playing slots without making a minimum deposit is a great way to learn.

Customers are always wanting an exclusive experience and receiving free spins without depositing funds is a great start. Everything is valid, and any winnings you receive from these free spins goes straight into your account balance.

There are terms and conditions surrounding the wagering requirements of your free spins winnings, but we look into that later in this article.

The final way to get free spins in New Zealand is by making a deposit. Simply deposit into the online casino to receive deposit bonuses and casino bonuses.

Some casinos have better deals with a code, but players get great deals regardless. Your casino bonus will depend on how much you deposit, but don’t worry; it’s all good news.

The more you deposit, the bigger the match bonus. Deposit bonuses are always shown prominently on the online casino website, so they’re hard to miss.

There is a range of bonuses on offer for players making a deposit. You’ll not only get a matched bonus, but you will receive a deposit offer of free spins.

These free spins could result in big winnings, and they’re one of the best casino offers available. Claim your winnings simply by signing up to a casino and play all the latest titles on offer.

It’s that simple. Casinos offering free spins are frequent, but not all the deals are top quality. Check with your casino provider about the range of free spins deals on offer.

Luckily for players in New Zealand, it’s easy to find great free spins deals. It’s never easy to part with your cash, but online casinos make it a fun experience.

If you have a code, be sure to claim your free spins package and get spinning.

Free Spins No Deposit

no deposit needed free spins

Players can get free spins without making a deposit. Sounds too good to be true? Some online casinos offer this free spins bonus, and there are many advantages.

Play all the latest slot games without needing to make a deposit. No deposit casino offers are a great way to not only make money but test out the casino.

We all want to give the casino a go before we commit our hard-earned cash. The best casino bonus deals are ones that involve no deposit deals. Casinos often offer free spins as a casino bonus, and it’s one of the best promotions in the industry.

When signing up for a casino and not making a deposit, you could be offered free spins. These can range from 30 free spins to 50 free spins. It’s rare to see a casino offer a bonus of 100 free spins without a deposit required, so expect a smaller free spins deal.

The best thing about free spins no deposit? The obvious is that you don’t need to deposit any cash, but you also get to experience the casino at the same time.

Finding your favourite casino bonus games can be a mission, especially if you’re paying to test them. However, no deposit free spins allow you to search for the best games.

Most slot games give players an exclusive experience. Testing these slot games is essential when deciding the type of online casino you prefer and the type of preferred online slot game.

There are many ways to get free spins with no deposit. Bonus code deals are available to use when signing up. These are common for no deposit casinos, and they often unlock deals such as 20 free spins or 30 free spins.

You can claim your bonus at most online casinos in New Zealand. Exemptions are depending on what country you live in, but New Zealand players are always accepted.

How Do Free Spins (No Deposit Required) Work?

It’s great to get free spins when no deposit is required, but how exactly do they work?

Free spins are one of the best promotions a casino can run, and it’s even better when no deposit is required. Casinos will give new players a certain amount of free spins to play with, and there are no minimum deposit requirements to be made.

The only thing you need to do is sign up and play the designated game on offer. Some casinos will let you choose your slot to play, but many will o their latest or most popular titles.

These can include, but not limited to: Starburst, Dead or Alive and any of the other popular slot titles. Bonuses are offered on these slots because of their quality.

No deposit free spins work as an introduction to the casino, but that’s not their only purpose. You get to keep any winnings from your free spins, whether it be 30 free spins, 50 free spins or 100 free spins.

The more free spins you get when signing up, the better odds you have of winning. Any funds won from your free spins will be added to your account balance.

Due to wagering requirements, which can be found in the terms and conditions, you can’t withdraw your winnings straight away. You will need to fulfil the wagering requirements of the casino.

These can vary, but they are often around the 30x or 50x range. It can potentially be a negative thing, but don’t be deterred; your free spins winnings can be reinvested on any casino game available.

For customers that receive free spins that don’t have a wagering requirement, your funds will be available for withdrawal as soon as the slot feature is complete.

Spins bonuses are a great way to get a feel for the casino. Playing games such as Starburst gives new and experienced gamblers a taste of what the casino has to offer.

No deposit free spins make the experience fun for new players, and it’s easy to sign up. There are no strings attached to no deposit free spins, and slot game providers welcome these bonuses.

Providers such as NetEnt and Microgaming provide casinos with great casino bonus free spins slot titles. These are often exclusive deals for popular titles.

How To Win Real Money with Free Spins

free spins win real money

Winning real money is easier than it sounds when it comes to playing free spins. After all, you’re playing the spins for free, so any winnings from your feature are yours to keep.

The best way to make some coin playing free spins is to get extra spins. For instance, if you start with 30 free spins, getting extra spins during the game is a great way to build a healthy balance.

If you are lucky enough to get 100 free spins, just sit back and enjoy watching the reels spin and spin again. You don’t need to do anything during your free spins feature except watch your account balance grow.

There is a possibility that you could come away with nothing from your free spins. However, chances are you’ll at least win something, and that will balance is added to your account.

Our suggestion is to find your favourite slot game and use your free spins there. You may as well have fun playing the game you prefer, and NetEnt and Microgaming offer some new and also some classic gaming titles.

Promotions are available for many casinos and winning real money with free spins is a great way to get started. You can use your winnings to play extra games or existing games from your favourites list.

There is no maximum amount to how much you can win playing free spins. It all comes down to luck, and that’s the beauty of it all. Bonuses are designed to get gamblers up and running. Therefore, take advantage of the bonuses on offer and claim yours now.

How Much Can You Win Without Making a Deposit?

How much you win without making a deposit is entirely down to luck. Some players don’t end their playing session with a cent from playing their features, but there have been some success stories.

Of course, just having the ability to win without making a deposit is a good thing. Anything rarely comes for free in this world, but casinos give away no deposit free spins like its Christmas every day.

We can’t give a definite answer to the question as it varies from player to player. Some players have won a significant amount without making a deposit. They have then reinvested their winnings and turned that profit into a more substantial profit at the casino.

There have been many success stories of where players have taken the winnings from their casino bonus free spins and turned it into thousands. However, there have been stories of players that don’t score anything from their bonuses.

That’s what makes it so exciting, fun and random. Winning cash without needing to make a deposit is something all players should embrace, and it would be silly not to.

To make matters even better, some casinos don’t have wagering requirements in their terms and conditions. What does this mean for you? It means you can withdraw your winnings when your free spins feature ends.

Not having a wagering requirement isn’t overly familiar, but it is available with some casinos. If you sign up to a no deposit free spins deal, check their terms and conditions to see if you need to play through your winnings before making a withdrawal.

What’s The Difference Between No Deposit Free Spins and Free Spins?

There is a distinct difference between no deposit free spins and free spins won during gameplay.

Free spins gifted as a bonus when signing up to a casino often have wagering requirements and are limited to several slot titles.

There is nothing wrong with these free spins, and at the end of the day, they’re free. New players will typically get anywhere from 20 free spins to 100 free spins when signing up.

These free spins can be limited to the most popular slot games, and the winnings go into your account, but wagering requirements are placed on the funds.

In-game free spins are very different and can be lucrative if the reels are playing nicely. Free spins won during gameplay are earned as a prize of triggering a feature. Players use the spins during the game, and the balance won is then added to your in-game balance.

The difference between the two types of free spins bonuses mentioned is the level of wager. When you hit a free spins feature when playing the slots, your free spins will be played at that wager amount.

However, no deposit free spins or any other deposit bonuses that involve free spins will likely be played at the lowest wager level.

These are usually 1 cent per spin, but players are still getting value. If the slot has 25 lines, that’s 25 cents per spin and a great chance to come away with plenty.

Free Spins Without Wagering Requirements

free spins no wager

Finding a casino that offers free spins without wagering requirements can be vital to enjoying your casino experience.

Not every casino offers bonuses without a wagering requirement, but it’s a great way to make a profit playing online slots if they do.

Free spins without wagering requirements mean that any profit made from the free spins goes straight into your account, which means you can withdraw your earnings immediately.

Wagering requirements are a fact of life when playing online casinos, and there can be terms and conditions surrounding the rule of free spins without wagering requirements.

These can include needing to make a certain deposit amount or signing up for an exclusive deal.

Overall, free spins without wagering requirements can be rare but should be used when available.

Wagering Requirements for Free Spins

Wagering requirements are made by casinos, where players have to play through their casino bonuses.

The bonus can be a welcome bonus or a free spins bonus. Regardless of how much you earn on your free spins, you will need to play through your winnings.

Casinos often have 30x or 50x wagering requirements, which represents the number of times you need to play through your bonus before you can make a withdrawal.

For instance, deposit $50 into your account, and if there is a wagering requirement of 10x, you’ll need to play through a total of $500.

All bonuses have terms and conditions relating to wagering requirements. That even includes free spins without wagering requirements.

Casinos offering free spins bonuses will always have their wagering requirement terms and conditions posted. There is nothing untoward going on here; wagering requirements are a necessity for online casinos when dishing out free spins bonuses.

They stop players from going to every casino and simply withdrawing whatever they win from their free spins bonuses. Casinos want players to enjoy the full experience of an online casino.

Which Casino Software Providers Have The Best Free Spin Bonuses?

There are many online casino software providers but none more famous than Microgaming and NetEnt.

Heavyweights of the industry, players can find numerous game titles from them when playing free spins.

The most popular free spins pokie game is none other than Starburst. The game is created by NetEnt and has taken the online world by storm.

Starburst was released over seven years ago, and its popularity has skyrocketed. A relatively simple pokie game, Starburst is a 5-reel game that appeals not only to new players but also experienced gamblers.

With stunning graphics and a simplistic style, Starburst also has plenty of trust with players. It’s known as one of the more trustworthy games, and that’s big for gamblers.

Another reason why it’s so popular is the free spin bonuses attached to Starburst. Many casinos have free spin features available for Starburst.

It gives new players an introduction to the biggest game in the industry and what better way to start than playing this title.

Apart from Starburst, there are many more great pokie games to play. Microgaming has the likes of the Thunderstruck, Game of Thrones and Avalon II.

NetEnt is always coming up with new pokie game ideas. They are leaders in providing an exclusive experience for players, with many niches covered.

Whatever your passion is, NetEnt probably has a pokie game dedicated to it. They have a wealth of options and players can use their free spins on most titles.

Gamblers can often use their free spins on those pokie games, and a casino will push them to the foreground of the website.

What Happens When You Win Playing Free Spins?

Congratulations, you have won playing the best pokie games on offer. Now, what to do with your casino bonus winnings?

In most cases, whatever you earn will either go into your bonus account or cash account. Wagering requirements will need to be met to withdraw the winnings, but you’re free to use the funds anywhere at the online casino.

Your bonus funds can be used on any pokie game, which can then be used to score extra spins or even a jackpot.

During the gameplay of free spins, you’ll know you when you have success when your balance increases. The symbols will often flash, or the game will make a sound.

All these features let the player know they have won during the free spins feature. Of course, players will also see their in-play account balance rise.

Depositing methods for free spins

There are multiple methods of payment to receive free spins from an online casino, but casinos accept not all methods.

Every casino is different when it comes to depositing methods, but the majority of them all offer the likes of Skrill, Credit Card and other e-Wallet services.

Skrill is extremely popular in the gambling sector, as it’s a fast and cheap option of transferring your funds. We recommend using Skrill if you want to deposit at an online casino.

A deposit required to unlock free spins differs depending on the casino. However, all you need to do is read the terms and conditions of the free spins bonus, and you’re good to good.

The most popular way of depositing into a casino is via a credit card. It’s an easy way to make a deposit and the likes of Visa and Mastercard are trusted worldwide.

Credit cards come with fees, so be sure to check with your credit card provider.

Players often ask if PayPal is accepted for payment. PayPal isn’t the best option for players as the withdrawal fees are quite high.

Some casinos don’t offer PayPal depositing options, so that we would go with Skrill or a credit/debit card option.

Casino Bonuses That Offer Free Spins

bonus offer

Casinos offer a range of bonuses for players to enjoy. There is the standard welcome package, which often includes a matched bonus.

Players receive a matched bonus deal depending on how much you deposit when you sign up. These are often in the 50% or 100% range, but casinos will change their bonus terms and conditions quite often.

Along with the matched bonus, casinos can offer free spins. These can come in a variety of ways.

  • Free spins when signing up
  • Free spins no deposit

The most common way to get casino bonuses that offer free spins is when you sign up. Players will usually get free spins in their welcome package, and you don’t need a code for this.

The number of free spins differs from casino to casino, but more often than not, casinos will offer customers free spins when they sign up.

30 free spins is a standard promotion, but some casinos will offer 50 free spins, 100 free spins or, in some rare cases, 200 free spins.

Casinos can also determine how many free spins you will get depending on your deposit size. Deposit $50, and you might get 30 free spins, deposit $150, and you could get 100 free spins.

It all comes down to the individual casino and what promotions they are running. Players should look for the casinos offering free spins in their welcome packages, as they come in handy when trying out the pokie games on offer.

Casinos also offer no deposit free spins, where players don’t need to make a minimum deposit to enjoy the pokie games on offer.

These are often in the 10 free spins to 30 free spins range, but they are super useful. Not only are you getting a casino bonus without making a deposit, but you also can win without losing your hard-earned cash.

Many casinos offer codes to unlock free games without depositing. It’s a way of getting details of a potential new player and offering them free spins if they don’t sign up.

There is nothing wrong with this and players aren’t losing out when free spins are being offered.

Can I Get Free Spins Playing Other Casino Games?

Players can not get free spins for pokie games playing other games. Customers often wonder if they can unlock free spins by playing a certain amount of Blackjack hands, but free spins are only available on pokie games.

We would all love to receive free spins when playing our favourite table games, but it doesn’t happen — however, table games to come into play when playing through your wagering requirements.

To keep your winnings from your free spins, you will need to hit the wagering requirements in the terms and conditions.

The fastest way to play through your requirement is by playing pokie games. They run at a 90% turnover rate, and that’s where playing table games comes into play.

Table games run at around 10%, which means you need to play nine times more table games than pokie games to turn over your bonuses.

However, many players like to mix it up and even play pokie games and table games at the same time. It certainly speeds up the process, and you’ll be able to cash in your free spins much sooner.

There have been cases of players winning free spins as one of the promotions run by the casino. Some games feature prizes, and free spins are always a top priority for these giveaways.

They are often the minimum free spins deals but seasoned, and new casino players always welcome anything extra.

What Is The Maximum A Player Has Won Playing Free Spins?

max free spins win

We don’t have all the records to show the money made from playing free spins, but there have been many success stories over the years.

The most any player has won from playing a pokie game was a software engineer who scooped up $55 million playing Excalibur in 2003. Interestingly, the winnings were paid out in 25 instalments, which is likely a responsible gambling guideline by the casino.

That is the maximum amount any player has won playing pokie games, and that winner was playing $100 spins.

Winning big on free spins features is common, and it’s how most pokie game players win big. The beauty of free spins is that you can make a minimum deposit and still win massive amounts.

No other casino game, except the likes of Caribbean Stud, gives players an opportunity to score millions from one single click.

Why do free spins payout well? Free spins cost you nothing, so there’s that. They also trigger x3, x5 and x10 payouts, which see your winnings increase significantly compared to a non-free spins spin.

Another great thing about free spins is that you can win extra spins. It allows players to freeroll and sometimes get up to 100 free spins.

If you’re lucky enough to secure that many free spins, you can sit back and watch your account balance grow.

Every player wants free spins, and it’s better when you don’t have to pay for the original turn, which is why no deposit free spins are so popular.

What is a bonus code?

A bonus code is much like a coupon for an online store. Players can search for bonus codes to claim their exclusive bonuses.

When you go to sign up for an online casino, many of the registration forms will ask if you have a bonus code. Many players don’t look for bonus codes as they’re already getting a welcome bonus package, but it’s wise to look for these codes.

They are not just for signing up, but they can also be used at any time during your casino experience. The code, which features unique numbers and letters, is put into your account on the backend, and you’re rewarded.

Bonus codes are different from deposit bonuses. They are often of smaller value but, players can use them more often than a deposit bonus.

Many of them don’t require a minimum deposit as no deposit bonus codes are becoming increasingly popular.

Every bonus code comes with its terms and conditions. Much like every other casino promotion, bonus codes will have wagering requirements and plenty of conditions.

Some of the more common terms and conditions include a cash-out maximum, play through requirement or is specific to a game type.

Luckily for players who love free spins, some of the most common code deals involve free spins. The offers can range significantly, but it’s all good news for players.

Bonus code promotions can include 10 free spins, 30 free spins and 50 free spins. However, some code deals will offer odd numbers, such as 11 free spins and 77 free spins.

The most important thing to know about free spin codes is that they are usually only available on certain games. Starburst is a popular choice for many casinos, and the likes of Crazy Monkeys and Book of Dead are viral pokie games.

A bonus code is a great way to take full advantage of free spins promotions, so be on the lookout for the latest casino bonus.

Choosing The Right Bonus Code

Choosing the right bonus code

It’s not easy to choose which bonus code is right for you. We certainly recommend taking a look through the long lists and deciding what you want to receive.

The best codes are ones valid for the latest and more popular pokie games. These include the Book of Dead and Starburst. Playing those titles for free is a great way to not only make some cash but also try out the very best games.

Here are some things to look for in a casino code:

  • Exclusive deals
  • Best pokie game offers
  • Wagering requirements
  • Capped cash out rates
  • Are they valid?

Getting an exclusive deal with a code is a great way to feel like a valued customer of the casino.

We all love getting free spins, and we want the experience to make us feel special. To receive and claim the right code, you need to sort through plenty of options.

There are hundreds of casinos offering codes for their latest free spins and no deposit deals. Sorting through these codes can take some time, so it pays to be aware of the bonus type.

Some codes give players free spins, and some provide deposit bonuses. Knowing what you’re getting before you claim your bonus is essential, so it pays to read the terms and conditions.

After all, codes are there so players can have fun and take advantage of all the fantastic promotions on offer. A casino bonus is designed to give players the best possible experience, and codes certainly go a long way to making that happen.

If you have a specific game you want to play, it pays to check to see if there’s a valid code. Casinos will offer codes for a variety of games, but you can’t go wrong with Starburst or Book of Dead.

They are two of the most sought after pokie games on the net, and NetEnt and Microgaming have many great pokie titles on offer.

Getting the best pokie game offers is the first step to ensuring your casino code experience is a positive one.

Wagering requirements have been discussed at length, but they also apply to codes. Most codes will come with wagering requirements, which mirror the usual casino bonus wagering requirements.

The terms and conditions of these requirements often include a play through requirement or a capped cash-out rate. A cash-out rate is a number you need to hit to take out your winnings.

These aren’t as common as playthrough requirements, but some codes have this in their terms and conditions, so customers should be aware of these.

Players need to know if the code is valid. Most codes will be valid if they appear on a site, but it pays to check. Only valid codes will be able to be used, so check the date terms and conditions if you’re not sure.

Codes will often be valid for another 7-10 days, much like a casino bonus.

There isn’t usually a minimum deposit requirement when you receive a code. No deposit required codes are available, and casino providers welcome them with open arms.

How Do I Get A Casino Bonus?

One of the most common questions new players ask if how to get a casino bonus? It might seem like a simple question, but it can be confused for newcomers.

Firstly, you want to pick out the best casino bonus deal on offer. Many factors play a part in choosing your best casino bonus.

Things such as exclusive deals, customer service, best bonuses and sign up requirements. It can quickly become a headache when sorting through hundreds of casino bonus deals.

We’re here to make that process more straightforward and getting free spins with your casino bonus is all part of the exclusive deal.

We like casinos that go the extra yard and give new and existing players the best casino bonus. Deposit casinos will endeavour to offer a match bonus and free spins deals, which are great for all levels of players.

A spin casino will target the free spins deals, and those are the casino bonus deals we love. Free spins act as a way to make customers feel a part of the casino and at the same time, earning them some coin.

If you want 20 free spins, 30 free spins or 100 free spins, you can bet your bottom dollar there will be a casino bonus around for you.

Casinos provide customers with a plethora of casino bonus deals and even deposit $50, get 50 free spins deals are great to take advantage of.

Now, getting these casino bonus offers is easy, but making the decision is hard. Are you looking for a casino to match your deposit? Or are you looking to try as many free spin games as possible?

It’s up to you because there is a casino bonus for just about every niche gambler. Unsure what casino bonus you’re about to sign up to? Check with the casino as they always want to hear from their customers.

As always, check the sign-up terms and conditions when choosing your casino bonus. The last thing you want is to get 30 free spins, but you have to use them on a game you don’t enjoy.

Much like a deposit offer, a casino bonus deal can be rewarding, and casino providers are doing their best to make sure they are extra special for players.

Can I Win A Progressive Jackpot Playing Free Spins?

progressive slots

One of the best benefits of playing free spins is having the chance to strike a progressive jackpot. Free spins offer players a chance to win big, and progressive jackpots are as big as they come.

A progressive jackpot is where a game or games are played across the casino. The money continues to build until the jackpot goes off.

Games that feature big progressive jackpots include Mega Moolah and Divine Fortune. Players are looking to hit these jackpots, and they often come when spinning free spins.

Software providers such as NetEnt are making games targeted at progressive jackpot players. Mega Moolah has paid off numerous players in the millions, and many of these came during a free spins feature.

The best part is that you don’t always need a minimum deposit to play free spins. You can sign up to a no deposit casino and enjoy your free spins without spending a dollar.

There are some terms and conditions which surround progressive jackpot free spins deals, however. The progressive jackpot games aren’t always offered in casino bonus deals, but they can be.

It pays to check with your favourite casino to see if you can play the progressive jackpot pokie games with your casino bonus free spins.

If you’re unable to, that’s OK; you can still play the progressive pokies when you’re done. Progressive jackpot games always have an enormous free spins feature where players not only win but have fun.

Simply sign up to any casino offering progressive jackpot games, and you could hit the big jackpot with a bit of luck.

It doesn’t matter if you deposit $50 or $5000, you have the same chance to win the progressive jackpots when playing free spins. It’s the beauty of the casino world as it gives all levels of players a chance to spin and win.

Check with your casino providers for the latest jackpot totals. They reach astronomical levels and playing them is a great way to use your casino bonus.

Is NetEnt better than Microgaming for Free Spins?

It’s a big debate around the office watercooler. Is NetEnt better than Microgaming in the software provider contest?

Microgaming certainly has some quality gaming titles, but we’re giving the nod to NetEnt in a close race. NetEnt has some of the best pokie games on offer, and they’re great to use for free spins.

Starburst is the obvious choice when it comes to NetEnt pokie games, and its free spins feature is one of the most rewarding in the casino world.

If you have a casino bonus or code to use, look for the NetEnt games as they are one of the world’s best pokie game providers.

NetEnt wins this time, but Microgaming isn’t far behind.

How Many Free Spins can I get when I Sign Up?

There are many free spin casino bonus deals out there, but how many free spins can you get when you sign up?

Some of the more common casino bonus free spins offers we see are the following.

  • 20 free spins
  • 50 free spins
  • 70 free spins
  • 100 free spins

It’s unlikely that casinos will give you any more than 100 when you sign up. 20 free spins are one of the most common deals, but this can depend on what code you use.

If you’re using a code when you sign up, you might have a match free spin bonus. It’s is a type of casino bonus that is fair and allows players to know what they’re getting.

A minimum deposit is often required to get the bigger free spins deals. If you want 50 free spins, you could be needing to make a minimum deposit higher than someone receiving 20 free spins.

Getting 50 free spins is rare if you’re using a code. The best way to get this deal is by using your casino bonus welcome package when you sign up.

There is no minimum of free spins you can receive when you sign up. It’s up to the casino as to what they advertise, but we don’t often see less than 20 free spins or, at worst, 10 free spins.

What is the minimum I can deposit to get Free Spins?

Casinos will welcome any deposit, but there are some minimum deposit requirements in place. Casinos like Dunder enforce a minimum of $20, but players are getting a whopping 200 free spins for their troubles.

Other casinos will have lower minimum deposit requirements. The smallest available is usually $5, and you will get a good casino bonus for free spins.

However, some casinos pride themselves on being minimum deposit casinos. They will allow deposits of $1 and minimum deposit casinos are becoming increasingly popular.

If you’re wanting to get a matched bonus, depositing a low amount could result in a small casino bonus. Especially if your getting a matched bonus, then we wouldn’t recommend a low deposit.

Once you have made your minimum deposit, your funds will be available to use on pokie games. Dunder is undoubtedly a suitable casino for players looking to play the minimum or players using a code for 20 free spins.

Best Pokies for Free Spins

best pokies for freespins

  • Starburst
  • Book of Dead
  • Avalon II

There are hundreds of pokie game titles, but Book of Dead, Starburst and Avalon II are our picks for the best.

Book of Dead is a hugely popular game, and the best thing about playing Book of Dead is the codes available for players.

Everywhere you look, a code is offered for Book of Dead. The reason being is because it’s such a quality pokie game to play.

Gamblers can often find a code for 20 free spins to use on Book of Dead, or the likes of Starburst.

Casino bonus deals are offered on the most popular titles. Players don’t want to play the old pokie games, and we don’t blame them.

Book of Dead, Avalon II and Starburst are classic games, but they are often updated with new technology. If you have a casino bonus to redeem, we suggest finding a code that features these games.

They will give you an excellent feel for the casino and what it takes to play a pokie game. They all have quality free spins features, and some players live for these pokies.

Playing No Deposit Free Spins On Your Phone

Mobile gambling is the way of the future and customers are starting to play their free spins on the go.

There is no maximum to how much you can play a pokie game on your handheld device. It’s the same as using a PC or laptop, but it’s more convenient.

Players often ask if they can use their no deposit free spins or general free spins when using a phone, such as an iPhone or Android.

The answer is yes; you can play free spins on your phone. However, not all game titles are available from providers, so it pays to check with your casino.

Game providers such as Microgaming and NetEnt are making more games dedicated to mobile players. The graphics and functionality are ideal for a smaller device, and we’re loving what we are seeing.

Customers are too, and it’s showing. Mobile gambling has taken over, and it’s an extra way to enjoy the fun of playing a casino.

Players can use their casino bonuses when using their phones. It’s just like using a PC, but it is made better by all the custom mobile-only bonuses available.

Casinos are offering players with a casino bonus dedicated just for mobile players. These include free spins deals such as 50 free spins and other great casino bonus deals.

All you need to do is sign up via your phone or tablet, and you’re ready to go. Extra features can be available for mobile players and using free spins is an enjoyable experience.

Check the terms and conditions about using your phone for gambling, but in most cases, it’s pretty straight forward.


Can I Just Convert the Free Spins to Real Money and Withdraw Them Right Away?

Players can not convert free spins into real money and withdraw straight away. It could be the case with no deposit free spins when you have completed the feature, but there are often terms and conditions to prevent this from happening. It’s to stop people from signing up to a casino only for the free spins, withdrawing and then going off to another casino.

What Does Wagering Mean?

Wagering is a common term in the industry. It’s the number of times you need to play through your bonus money to make a withdraw. Wagering terms are usually anywhere from 10x to 50x. If the wagering requirement is 10x, you need to play through your bonus ten times before being able to withdraw. If your casino has a wagering requirement of 50x, you will need to play through your casino bonus 50 times. It might seem high, but once you get the ball rolling, it will play through quicker than expected.

What’s the Difference Between Free Spins Bonus and the Free Spins You Get on Pokies?

A free spins bonus is a set number of free spins you get when you either sign up or when you redeem a code. The minimum free spins bonus is usually around 20 free spins, but some casinos can have up to 500 free spins. Anything won from these free spins are not available for immediate withdraw, unlike free spins earned from pokies. In-game free spins are when you hit a feature during any pokie game.

Which Pokies Can you Play using Free Spins?

Not all pokies are available for casino bonus free spins deals. However, every pokie game has a free spins feature. All NetEnt pokie games have great free spins features. If you want to use your casino bonus free spins, there are set pokie games being offered by casinos. Book of Dead and Starburst are almost always guaranteed to be available to play. If you’re unsure what pokies are valid to play, contact the casino as they’re still willing to talk to prospective and experienced customers.

How Long Is My Code Valid?

Casino codes will be valid for a specific time before they expire. Codes that aren’t valid can’t be used, but don’t fear, new codes are always just around the corner. Casinos will have dates on the codes where players will have a certain amount of days to use them.

What Payment Methods are Accepted by Casinos?

Players have many different methods of depositing money into a casino. Skrill is one of the most popular and Skrill is a time-friendly and safe way to make a deposit. If you haven’t used Skrill before, create an account at the Skrill website, and you’re set. Credit cards are the most common type of depositing method.

What is a Casino Bonus?

A casino bonus can be anything from a matched deposit offer to free spins. To find out the best casino bonus, you should look at how many free spins you will get. It will make the decision more comfortable as there are many different casino bonus deals available.

What type of Casino game am I suited to?

It’s not easy to know which type of pokie game you’re best suited to. Some players prefer the old school type of pokie games, which we call the classics. However, some players prefer the new type of games, which all have updated graphics and sounds. It all comes down to personal preference as to what type of pokie you like. Casinos also offer niche games that have a different type of theme.

When Can I Withdraw My Money?

If you have made a regular deposit, you can withdraw your winnings at any time. If you’re using a bonus or code, you will need to play through the wagering requirements. Only then will you be able to make a withdrawal.

Can I use my Free Spin Bonus at the tables?

No. Your free spin bonus can not be transferred to table games. The bonus must be used on pokie games only.