[ #SavePoint ] The Summit

Hello everyone,

Gamers for so long have been waiting for their chance to speak up about the poor representation they’ve received in the media, and SavePoint is that opportunity! We want to invite everyone from all sides of this discussion to come together and engage in what we hope will be a positive, and constructive discussion about our vibrant and rapidly growing community.

While some of the changes are a bit sudden we hope that everyone will understand that these are ALL topics that need discussing. However, we know that these topics can be particularly inflammatory and the debates can get heated. So let’s all try to foster better, more civil discussions on social media, in our live streams, and in other forums. The last thing that anyone wants is a repeat of the previous fiasco. So again I want to ask everyone, stay calm. I also want to mention that the ideas listed for the panel can change over time. We wanted to keep them as broad as we could so that many different micro-discussions could be had.

Now everyone knows that we have already decided to move on to improve the gambling community and we hope all of our former members will help us make this journey enjoyable. We have already taken a step toward greatness with our news freshness principle, that instead of flooding the internet with any casino related news as soon as it reaches media, we have focused on updating our pages with the latest online casino bonuses.

We strongly believe it will be a huge factor to our future success.

Thank you,

Perry Jones

Found and President of The Open Gaming Society

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