A Full Guide to Everyone’s Favorite Casino Game – The Online Slot Machine

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Slot machines are some of the most frequently played games when it comes to gambling. Slots are easy to play, and unlike Video Poker, they require almost no strategy or skill. All a player has to do is take a seat, decide how much money they want to invest in the game, and then “pull the lever” to determine how much money can be won.

In casinos that reside in Las Vegas, many people will start to play a slot machine because they are attracted to the colours, aesthetics, and sounds of the machines. They might also get even more attracted to trying a slot machine out if they happen to see that it’s themed on a specific television show or movie they have enjoyed watching. 

While online slots may not have the same look or sound, they will still be able to offer up many of the same characteristics as the slot machines that can be played in a land-based casino. This is part of the reason why slots continue to be so popular, especially online. 

The History of Slot Machines

OGS slots pg The History Slot Machines

Slot machines did not always use to be known as the gambling machines we see today in casinos all over the world. The first slot machines were more commonly known as automatic vending machines, before becoming a gambling device (albeit much more of a novelty gambling device). These machines would typically feature two toy horses racing against each other the moment a coin was inserted. These forms of slot machines would primarily be located in bars and saloons, where people would tend to wager against each other. However, a majority of these types of slot machines did not distribute coins to any winners. Instead, the proprietor would pay customers who had won in the form of drinks, cigars, or “trade checks” that patrons could redeem later for drinks.

By the late 1880s, slot machines began to hand out coins to winners. The first versions of these were machines that consisted of coins falling onto a scale or circular display. Each coin that dropped into the machine and landed on the scale, or display, had a chance to spill out other coins. These types of devices are still prevalent today and can be seen not just in casinos, but also in arcades. By 1898 the slot machine many people are familiar with, the ones involving reels spinning, became more mainstream in bars and saloons across the country. 

It was not until the 1970s when electronic slot machines came into existence. Electronic slot machines were first off to a rocky start as people preferred the feeling of pulling a handle and seeing the reels spin rather than seeing them rotate through a computer screen. However, by the mid-1980s, electronic slot machines had become mainstream across America, where they have remained prevalent ever since. This popularity has carried over to the online and mobile versions of slot machines. 

How Slot Machines Work

OGS slots pg How Slot Machines Work

While many people might think they understand how slot machines work, there is a lot more to it than what they believe. There are heavy algorithms backing online slot machines. What is associated with every online slot machine is the Random Number Generator, or better known as the RNG. The Random Number Generator is something that is utilized by every casino on the internet. The sole purpose of the Random Number Generator is to create completely random sequences of numbers every time the spin button is selected. Through a combination that consists of various algorithms and the Random Number Generator software, the slot machine can determine a particular outcome with each play of the game. It is important to note that there are a few aspects that are accounted for when the Random Number Generator software determines an outcome. One of those aspects is what occurred in the previous spin. This might mean what kind of bet was made. It also takes into account the Random Number Generator software before determining a particular outcome. 

One misconception that people might have is the notion that online slot machines have memories and know when the last time a significant payout was made. This is not true at all. The feature can help make slot machines become more “fair” to players and truly make the outcome much more of a random selection. It means various mathematical equations determine the fate of your spin. 

Some players might hear or read about the number of “lines” a slot machine game might have. This is about the number of possible winning combinations a slot machine might present to players. If a slot machine has only one line, that means there are only a few combinations possible to win money.

For some players, they feel one-line games mean fewer odds of winning big. If a machine has three lines, then the chances of winning increase slightly. The reason being is because there are more potential winning combinations. The same theory applies as the number of winning lines increases (five, six, seven, etc.). However, in the case of most slot machine games, to increase the number of winning lines, then you have to invest more money into the game. That means increasing the spend with each spin, which leaves open the possibility of losing money even faster. It is a common battle between high risk and high reward. 

Positives of Random Number Generators

A widespread misconception about slots is that they have a very low winning percentage. Slots can actually have as high winning percentages as Roulette or Blackjack. Many people believe this because slot machines are predominantly computer-controlled. Thus, they think the casino can easily control the odds of the slot machine and how often they win. With online slot machines, that is not the case thanks to the Random Number Generator. With each spin consisting of an independent result from the previous one, there are no casino influenced odds. Not to mention, each Random Number Generator has to go through a series of rigorous testing. This is to ensure that each software provides outcomes that have not been manipulated and are fair to the players with each spin. 

One way to determine whether the Random Number Generator software you are using has been certified is whether they have been tested by the Technical Systems Testing company (also known as TST). Another aspect of giving players assurances about the Random Number Generator software being used is the fact that the characteristics of the software have stayed consistent for years. 

Before you decide to play at an online casino, you should check to see if others have talked about how “loose” an online slot machine is. If it seems like no one ever hits the jackpot, it might be that your chances of winning at that casino aren’t as likely. 


OGS slots pg Three Reel

It might be something that is not initially thought of, but there are multiple types of online slot games available for players. These can vary from video slots, three-reel slot games, bonus slot games, and jackpot slot games, to name a few. Each game will give the player different features, themes, and gaming experiences when they elect to play. 

Three-reel slot games are some of the most popular online slot machines out there. One reason is that they seem to invoke similar styles that exist for slot machines in actual casinos. This includes the “old-school” appearance of the three reels spinning separately to the tune of one line. This is another reason why it is considered one of the “simplest” slot machine games available. Three-reel slot machine games, though, are ideal for players who are new to online slot machines and casinos. The reasons are because the games are relatively simple and easy to enjoy. 

With three-reel slot games, the maximum wager that is typically permitted is three coins with each spin. This may not seem like a significant investment, which in turn usually means less of a potential jackpot versus other slot machine games. However, three-reel slot machine games tend to produce health and generous progressive jackpots to players.

Bonus Slot Game

One prevalent form of online slot machine games is the bonus slot games. These consist of slot machine games that allow players to win and receive a bonus game round. Note that bonus slot games are not equivalent to casino bonuses granted upon deposit. Instead, you get a bonus within the slot machine itself. A bonus game round can be awarded to players in several ways. These bonus game rounds are typically awarded based on the symbols and various combinations that have occurred on active game paylines. 

Bonus games are often incorporated in the gaming experience as a way to complement a particular theme of a game. An example of this could be if a player is playing a slot machine that is tied to a specific popular movie. The bonus game could then revolve around a particular plot point or character in the film. Most often, the bonus games themselves are designed to include vivid graphics and sound effects. This is to help entice the player to continue playing the game even further. Also, many of the bonus games offered with online slot machines will act almost like a game within a game. With them being interactive features of the game, the player is more likely to stay on that particular game to see when their next bonus game will occur and what kind of theme will present itself. 

Bonus slot machine games attract a lot of players on a consistent daily basis. The primary reason is that the online player gets a sense that they have more chances to win money when they read about the slot machine having a “bonus” game. Bonus games typically mean a new type of gaming experience, you usually play with so-called “bonus rounds free spins” during these bonus games. These bonus round free spins aren’t to be confused with the regular free spins you receive when you sign up for a casino. These combinations make it more attractive for players to participate in the game. 

X of Y Bonus Slot Game

OGS slots pg X Y Bonus Slot Game

One type of online slot machine game that may not get as much attention as others are X of Y bonus slot games. X of Y bonus slot machines are games that reward players based on them receiving a certain amount of symbols within their reels. How these games differ from bonus slot games is based on the occurrence of the X of Y feature. Simply put, this feature is not dependent on the position the reel is after it has been spun, but rather on the number of a given symbol within another screen. Another term that is described as X of Y bonus games is “second screen bonus games.”

When playing an X of Y bonus slot machine, the player is expected to choose either one or many other objects from a select group of objects that will add up to the winnings of each object. X of Y bonus slot machine games can be played at different levels. However, the player does have to make sure they complete each level successfully before they can move on to the next level listed. 

Progressive Jackpot Slot Game

Progressive Jackpot slot games are another popular online slot machine game. The reason being is because they offer players the opportunity to win a lot of cash. If you have ever been to a casino in real life, you may have seen either one machine or a cluster of slot machines that show the potential jackpot increasing by the second. These types of slot machines are called Progressive Jackpot Slot Games. 

These types of games also exist within online casinos, and subsequently, online slot machines. The potential reward each player sees, especially as they notice it continually growing in front of their very eyes, makes these games particularly enticing to play. The player should be aware of the fact that the only way to win these jackpots is if they play at the maximum spin levels allowed. In addition, Progressive Jackpot Slot Games are able to link with other slot machines, games, websites, and online casinos. This, in turn, can make the jackpot even bigger. 

Why Choose Online Slot Machines

OGS slots pg Why Choose Online Slot Machines

There is a lot to like about online slot machines, so it is no secret why people continuously gravitate towards these games. They are easy to play, can provide sustainable entertainment, and slot machines offer odds that give players higher chances of winning than what is typically thought of. These reasons and many others will always continue to attract new and old players.