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The Best Guide to Starburst Free Spins

Learn what you can expect from the Starburst slot game. The article focuses on Starburst’s free spins and how to use them.

Summary: By reading his article you will be informed about the Starburst slot game, its free spins, betting limits, bonuses, and other features.

The article will cover these most important points:

You have already heard about one of the most popular video slot games in online casinos — that’s why you are here. Now, you are wondering if you should accept Starburst free spins if offered to you, and how to attain and use them. Luckily, I have those answers for you.

Starburst has been present in online casinos since 2012. Plenty of licensed, well-known online casinos have seen enormous success with the Starburst game because it continuously attracts new players with its flashy and modern design.

However, what made Starburst extremely popular is the option to spin the reels by using free spins. You would be surprised how many online casinos will offer free spins for Starburst to its new and existing users.

There are additional promotions and amenities that you can enjoy with the Starburst game. Let’s go over the features of the game and what it has to offer to players. Keep reading.

What is Starburst?

ThinkingStarburst is an online video slot game developed by NetEnt that quickly became the most popular game NetEnt produced. The game has a cosmic, arcade feel to it — many experienced players will get nostalgic with this five-reel, three-row, and 10 payline game.

If you are not sure what that means, we will explain further. Reels are vertical columns on which the symbols are placed. The rows may represent extra paylines or simply show you how close you were to a payout. Paylines, or betting lines, are the lines that indicate the combination of symbols you need to win.

Starburst is a progressive slot game, meaning that a casino does not fix the jackpot. The Starburst jackpot rises with every player’s wager.

How to Play Starburst?

TeacherIf you are a newcomer to the game of slots, you will be relieved to see how straightforward it is to play Starburst. The rules of the game are quite simple — you need to select the coin value and bet level. Your next step is to click spin and play the game. Since the game is not complicated, you will quickly understand the essentials of the game.

Starburst has a convenient autoplay option which allows you to play between 10 and 1000 spins hands-free. You can stop autoplay if the winnings exceed your specified amount — use the advanced options for this.

Even though Starburst is a fast-paced game by itself, you can additionally increase the speed of play by selecting the quick spin setting.

Try Starburst for Free

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Starburst Paytable

Starburst Paytable

The symbols in this video slot are perfectly selected. The highest paying symbol is a gold bar. The next highest paying symbol is the classic number 7. Other symbols include gold jewels of various colors and sizes.

A fascinating symbol is definitely the multi-colored Starburst wild. This symbol appears on the three central reels, and it’s able to substitute all other symbols. The Starburst wild triggers the wild respin feature. But, more on that feature later on.

Multiple winning combinations are possible, and they often happen because symbols are stacked on the reels. Players love to spin the reels on Starburst because it’s possible to get paid from both left to right and right to left — there are a lot of chances to win!

Look at the table to see what each symbol offers payouts wise:

Symbol Payouts
Purple Jewel Purple Jewel 3, 4 or 5 Symbols = 0.5, 1 or 2.5 x Stake
Blue Jewel Blue Jewel
Orange Jewel Orange Jewel 3, 4 or 5 Symbols = 0.7, 1.5 or 4 x Stake
Green Jewel Green Jewel 3, 4 or 5 Symbols = 0.8, 2 or 5 x Stake
Yellow Jewel Yellow Jewel 3, 4 or 5 Symbols = 1, 2.5 or 6 x Stake
Lucky 7 Lucky 7 3, 4 or 5 Symbols = 2.5, 6 or 12 x Stake
Golden Bar Gold Bar 3, 4 or 5 Symbols = 5, 20 or 25 x Stake

As I’ve mentioned before, the Starburst Wild symbol will substitute all the other symbols mentioned above. It will replace the symbols to give you the same payout. For example, if you get three gold bars and one Wild symbol, it will be counted as four bars, which means 20x your stake.

Most importantly, don’t forget that you will win more because you get paid both ways. So, if you fill the reel with gold bars, your winnings won’t be 250x your stake, but 500x!

Betting Limits

LimitsBoth beginners and experienced players enjoy Starburst. Newcomers enjoy the simple-to-follow rules, and avid players enjoy the thrill of the game mixed with high payouts. What suits both types of players is the possibility of various betting limits.

There are one to ten bet levels and different coin values. The most common coin values go from 10 cents to €1. Those are excellent options for players on a budget and beginners that are still not sure of their skills.

Players that prefer to wager higher amounts of money can do so with the maximum limit of €100 per spin. Some casinos offer higher limits than that, but I think most players will settle for a maximum of €100.

Starburst RTP

PercentageThe Return To Player percentage shows the theoretical amount of money wagered in the slots that are paid out as winnings. The RTP is an average percentage of all players’ spins, usually counted within a year.

Some online slots have a very low RTP — only 75%. Most NetEnt slots have an RTP of 95% to 99%.

Starburst’s RTP is 96.1%, which is a valid middle. The higher the percentage, the better the odds of winning. Each spin is subject to a Random Number Generator, so it’s pure luck. You can lose your full bankroll or win the maximum payout on every spin.

For example, if you spin €100 on the Starburst slot, you will win back €96.10.

What are Free Spins?

Free SpinsIf you are not sure what free spins are in general, let’s address that first. Free spins are bonus spins that you receive in an online casino. Usually, there are two reasons to win free spins. The most common one is that you are a newly registered user and a casino wants to welcome you aboard. The other reason could be that you are a devoted casino user and a casino wants to award your loyalty.

However, you should not accept all offered free spins. As you may know, there are plenty of new online casinos appearing every day. New casinos want to attract new users, and they do it by offering insane amounts of free spins and bonuses. Even though it sounds like an offer you shouldn’t refuse, many new casinos are not authorized, which leads to scams.

You should only accept free spins that come from online casinos with valid licenses. If you want to be 100% sure you will not be scammed, your best bet is to accept Starburst free spins from licensed online casinos. Read on to find out more about Starburst free spins.

What to Expect from Starburst Free Spins

ExpectationsAs with any other free spins, you can claim them, or you can choose to disregard them. However, I wholeheartedly recommend any player to claim Starburst free spins — you will not regret it.

The number of spins depends on the casino. Some casinos offer as low as 15 free spins upon registration, but some are more generous. You can find licensed online casinos that offer up to 500 free spins. You need to search carefully to find the right deal for you.

Luckily, that’s not all that you can get if you decide Starburst is the video slot of your choice. As we previously promised, let’s see what the Starburst wilds feature can do for you.

Starburst Wilds Bonus

Starburst Wilds

Starburst WildHopefully, you’re lucky enough to get to the Starburst wild bonus feature while you’re using up your free spins. I write that because the Starburst wild will provide you with additional Wild reels and subsequent re-spins that can lead to three Wild reels.

The Wild symbol only appears on reels two, three, and four to substitute other symbols. When one of those symbols appears on any of the three middle reels, you trigger Starburst wilds bonus.

The Wild feature will then take over your entire reel to give you an additional spin. If Starburst wilds appear again, you get another spin. Extra Wild spins can happen a total of three times.

So, if you have received, for example, 100 free spins upon registering, you could possibly win three more free spins with the Wilds bonus feature.

Why Use Starburst Free Spins?

BenefitsI will not bore you with dozens of reasons why you should use Starburst free spins because only a few will convince you. To be honest, I can’t think of any reasons why you should skip this opportunity, so read on.

When you are entering the online world of casinos, there are many free spins offers jumping on the screen for you to claim them. However, we mentioned why you shouldn’t jump at every opportunity. However, if a casino offers free spins on Starburst — definitely jump!

Online casinos that offer 20, 50, 100 or more free spins on Starburst are a safe choice to maximize your success. If you are presented with a free spins no deposit offer, don’t hesitate to take it. We will discuss this offer in detail further on.

Even if you decide to deposit money upon registering at an online casino and you come across a bonus package that includes Starburst free spins — you won’t regret it. Depositing the usual €10 will possibly turn out for the better if you hit the jackpot.

If you’re lucky enough, you can find Starburst free spins at minimum deposit casinos. Meaning that you can receive a large number of free spins even if you deposit only €1 or €5.

Continue reading this article to see what else you will need to do before you decide to claim Starburst free spins.

Check Wagering Requirements

WageringDo not forget to check the wagering requirements that come with free spins as a part of your bonus package. Most online casinos tie some wagering requirements to the free spins or deposit bonuses. You will have to meet all the requirements before you have permission to withdraw your winnings.

The requirements are a quantitative number that decides the number of times you must bet the amount won from the free spins before you can request a payout of your winnings. You can read about the wagering requirements in the terms and conditions of a casino.

Take this as an example — you have won €50 from Starburst free spins, but there is a wagering requirement of 5 times, so you will need to bet €250 to collect your €50 win. It’s effortless to achieve this, even if it sounds like a lot of work.

Keep in mind that not all casinos will have wagering requirements that demand you to bet five times — some casinos will have higher, and some will have lower wagering requirements.

Some casinos’ wagering requirements come in the form of time limits. This means that you will have a previously determined number of days or hours to fulfill the requirements before you can withdraw your winnings.

For example, the casino will require you to use all 300 free spins in 48h, which is easily obtainable. Players do not need a lot of time to spin the reels 300 times.

However, some casinos use this chance to make money from new users since most players forget to check the wagering requirements once they have signed up. That leaves them uninformed, and they don’t get the chance to use all the free spins. That is the reason why it is essential to always read the requirements before you start playing.

It’s impossible to cash out your winnings until you have met all the wagering requirements. However, Starburst free spins are worth the trouble, so it will feel like a piece of cake once you have completed them.

First Deposit + Free Spins

DepositAs you might know, with any casino, you will have to complete some steps before you can collect your free spins. There are different ways to claim free spins — depositing money is one of them.

As a new user, you will have to register at an online casino — fill out your personal information, payment method, and similar — and make your first deposit.

I have previously mentioned that you can deposit as low as €1 or €5 if you find a free spins bonus package at a minimum deposit casino. Regular online casinos usually require a deposit of €10 or €20. Once you have made your first deposit, you will be able to claim the free spins.

The number of free spins varies for first deposits. Sometimes you can receive as little as 10 or 20 free spins. Keep in mind that you have started with zero free spins, so any number of spins is a good catch.

However, some casinos are more generous. If you stumble across a casino that offers 100 to 500 (or even more) free spins — claim it!

Any number of free spins is a fantastic way to start your online wagering journey. It could potentially lead you to hit the jackpot or cash out the same day.

No Deposit Free Spins

No DepositThere isn’t a better deal than no deposit free spins welcome package. This deal is a rare find that many avid slot players continuously search for.

Some online casinos offer free spins to newly registered players without them making a deposit. Basically, you will get some free spins and a chance to increase the number in your bank account without investing any money.

If you are feeling lucky that day, you might even hit the jackpot and go from zero to, for example, €50,000!

There are few deals such as this one, and if you are lucky enough to come across this opportunity, you should take it. It won’t cost you anything, but you can end up with everything.

Why Are Starburst Free Spins so Popular?

PopularStarburst’s exciting gameplay, high-tech software, and attractive design have made it popular for both newcomers and experienced players. Those features make it a perfect game for promoting online casinos.

Online casinos choose Starburst because it’s easy to play, and it is an excellent game to attract new users. Experienced users that know the game will register at a new casino just for a chance to use the free spins.

The Starburst free spins gained their popularity when casinos started to incorporate them in no deposit welcome packages. Any player will attest that it’s difficult to turn your head the other way upon encountering an offer like this one.

Both new players and skilled ones would welcome the opportunity to use 100 or 300 free spins on Starburst without making a deposit.

Process of Claiming and Using Starburst Free Spins

StepsThe process of claiming and using Starburst free spins couldn’t be more effortless. You will need to complete a few simple steps before spinning the reels.

If you are new to the industry of online gambling, follow my step-by-step guide to see which course of action you will need to take to claim and use the free spins.

Choose a Casino

Step 1 - Choose a Casino The first step is the most important one because making the wrong choice can cost you a lot more than just the free spins. Plenty of online casinos offer Starburst free spins, but some of them are not legitimate offers.

You should be aware of possible online scams. Some online casinos are not “the real deal” and will take your personal information with the intention of scamming you.

Your safest bet would be to find a casino that is licensed by valid authorities. Two of the most well-established authorities would be the United Kingdom Gambling Commission and the Malta Gambling Authority. If the casino of your choice is licensed by one of these two authorities, you have made the right choice.

Create an Account

Step 2 - Create an AccountThe next step is probably the least challenging one — and you have probably done it multiple times before.

Click on the Sign up/Join/Register button and fill out all the required information. You will need to put in your name, address, email, banking details, and such. Upon inputting the information, click Submit — that’s it.

Now, you will only need to check your email inbox, open the email from the casino, and confirm your personal information. You are all set.

Claim the Bonus

Step 3 - Claim the BonusNow that you have registered your account, you are ready to claim your bonus. Open your account in the casino and go to the Cashier page. There, you will find a drop-down box which will, upon clicking, drop down the option for claiming the bonus.

Click the option that reads Claim the Bonus or Claim the Free Spins. That’s it!

This is the usual step in most online casinos, but if you can’t find the Cashier page, follow the instructions written on your account or profile page. You shouldn’t encounter any problems.

However, if you still find it challenging to claim your bonus, your safest bet would be to contact the casino’s customer support — they will guide you to your bonus.

Play Starburst and Use the Bonus

Step 4 - Play and Use the BonusBefore playing the slots, I will once again remind you to read the wagering requirements. You do not want to be that person who uses half of the bonus and then forgets that the other half is due in a day.

Some casinos have different wagering requirements, expressed in the number of times you will have to spin the reels by making a bet. Go to the casino’s T&C page and check the requirements.

Once you have read them, you can open the game and use the free spins by playing Starburst.

Make a Withdrawal

Step 5 - Make a WithdrawalIf you have completed all the steps mentioned above and won some money — you are ready to request a payout.

You will have to go back to the Cashier page to input the amount of money you would like to withdraw. You can simply select All or leave something in your online account for future wagering.

Additionally, select the payment method of your preference. Depending on the payment method, you can expect to see your winnings and access them in a couple of hours or days.

What are Casino Bonus Codes for Starburst Free Spins?

Bonus CodesBonus codes have recently gained their popularity, but not all casinos offer them.

Casino bonus codes offer more than the initially advertised free spins — and that’s why not all casinos are generous with the codes.

The casino bonus codes could be anything from bonus cash for your first deposit to an additional number of free spins. Which player does not want to get a little extra money or more chances to spin the reels?

Bonus codes are usually located in the Offers section of online casinos. Click on it and check if there are currently any offers for Starburst. If you cannot find them, you should contact customer service. They will provide the information you are looking for.

Note that you can’t just claim the bonus codes — you need to type them in before you start playing. If you forget to do that, you will not be able to use the bonus code the next time you are playing Starburst.

For example, if the bonus code is STARBURST30, you will need to type it in the Bonus Code field before starting playing. Usually, if you see a number in the bonus code, that is the number of free spins or euros you will receive.

A vast number of online casinos offer bonus codes in addition to the free spins for playing Starburst. Always make sure to check whether you are eligible to use them.

Starburst Slot Tips

TipsStarburst is a fair game, so there is no way to manipulate the slots to win more money. However, there are some tips that you can follow in order to maximize your results. Read on to find out what you can do to increase your chances of winning.

Manage your Money

MoneyThis tip goes for any online game — pay attention to your bankroll. Starburst is a fast game, and you can quickly lose track of the number of coins you have spent.

You can select the autoplay setting — it will automatically stop the game when you have reached the maximum amount of money you have previously selected. Be smart so you can win more!

Take Advantage of Bonuses

BonusWelcome bonuses and free spins are excellent for playing slots. These amenities extend your playing time and convert the bonuses into cash — if used carefully. Don’t use them all at once if you don’t have to. Check the wagering requirements and spread out your free spins and bonuses over a couple of days, if possible. Playing little by little leads to bigger winnings.

Use the Demo Mode

PracticeEven though the rules of playing Starburst are not challenging, you should practice if you are new to the game. Many online casinos offer a demo mode, or the free mode, for practice.

You can get acquainted with the settings, rules, bet levels, and other features without losing any of your hard-earned money.

Starburst Free Spins for European Residents

EuropeEuropean players can take their pick from numerous online casinos that offer Starburst free spins. Most of the casinos also offer some of the bonuses that we have previously discussed.

Casinos whose target are European players will offer plenty of NetEnt games. Since Starburst is one of NetEnt’s most sought-after games, it is a common sight in casinos.

European players should feel lucky because most online casinos will offer various welcome bonus packages that include free spins to use while playing Starburst.

Most online casinos that are targeted to European audiences will offer a no deposit package with Starburst free spins. You should check whether the casino accepts players from your country and get ready to claim the bonuses and play.

Starburst on Mobile Devices

SmartphoneStarburst is a top-rated game, so it shouldn’t surprise you that you will be able to play it on any device. NetEnt’s software has recently been upgraded, and it provides a top-notch Touch version for playing Starburst on smartphones and tablets. You can easily enjoy the game on the go.

Starburst is supported on the following devices:

Android devices
Windows devices
iOS devices
Apple Logo
Mac devices

Keep in mind that you cannot find the Starburst game to download in the Google Play Store or Apple’s App Store. If you prefer to download an app, you need to find a casino that has its own app and offers the Starburst game. You can download the casino’s app and play Starburst easily.

However, most players opt for in-browser play. Starburst works perfectly in-browser on both mobile and tablet devices. Choose your casino, collect the free spins, and play!

Final Thoughts about Starburst Free Spins

LikeAfter carefully researching all the features of the game and the amenities that come with it, I only have positive things to write about the Starburst slot.

Starburst should be every player’s first choice when it comes to playing slots. Take advantage of any opportunity that comes your way to play Starburst and use the free spins that come with the game. Any number of free spins can lead to hefty cash winnings.

Once again, always make sure you have chosen a licensed casino to secure your winnings.

I have gathered some questions from potential players and made a FAQ section. Read on to see if I have missed mentioning anything.

Frequently Asked Questions