Third Deposit Bonus

Beginner’s Guide — How to Use Third Deposit Bonuses

Read about third deposit bonuses in online casinos — learn the types, requirements and how to claim them.

By reading this article, you will learn useful things regarding third deposit bonuses, such as:

Third Deposit Bonus

Third Deposit Bonus

BonusOnline casinos across Europe and other continents often offer promotional packages to attract new users. These packages are specially designed in the form of bonuses provided to newly registered players.

Players are often drawn in with offers of free money or free spins they can use in an online casino. Most of these casinos require an initial deposit before new players can claim the first, second, and finally the third deposit bonus. However, some online casinos offer a no-deposit bonus package where players won’t have to make an initial deposit — only sign up and play a game.

Some welcome packages and bonuses are quite small and tied up to various wagering requirements that are almost impossible to fulfill. Numerous players are lucky enough to use those bonuses and turn them into real cash by fulfilling all the previously rendered requirements. There is always a chance if you’re willing to risk your own money.

The first bonus is a good starting point for beginners — you can get to know the casino’s portfolio and how the games work. The second bonus is a great warm-up to practice your skills and earn some extra cash. However, if you are not able to win the amount of money you would like with the first two bonuses — there’s the third one. The third bonus is your safest bet to put real money into your account.

The article will deal with third deposit bonuses and their presence on the European market. If you aren’t familiar with the online casino industry, you will be fully informed about the bonuses upon finishing reading this article. You will know more about what third deposit bonuses are and how to claim them, including their types, sizes, and possible terms and conditions that come attached.

The most important thing — we will determine whether third deposit bonuses are worth your time.

Keep reading to learn everything we mentioned above, plus what the best third deposit promotions are and ways to use them to your advantage.

What Is the Third Deposit Bonus?

ThinkingOnline casinos find it challenging to keep new players coming back, especially if those players have experienced a couple of bad games on their website. That’s why they have introduced incentives to draw in new users and make them come back.

These incentives are formed as additional bonuses that appear after the first one, or the first two bonuses have been used. In this case, we are talking about bonuses that are awarded to players with their third deposit — as the name suggests.

As you might have already figured out, you will need to make two deposits (for the first and second deposit bonus) before claiming the third deposit bonus. Players know that they are being rewarded for staying loyal to an online casino.

The amount of “free” money you will receive depends on how much you prefer investing before you start playing. Most bonuses, including the third deposit bonus, come in the form of a match bonus — for example, if the deposit match bonus is 100% and you invest €50, you will receive an additional €50.

However, you cannot always invest small amounts of money. Also, you can not spend €1,000 only to receive another thousand and cash out. Most online casinos have a minimum and a maximum limit for deposits and additional wagering requirements to fulfill before cashing out. More on that later on.

Third Deposit Bonus in a Welcome Package

WelcomeNot all online casinos offer a second or a third deposit bonus. If you come across casinos that only offer one deposit bonus as part of their welcome page — move on. We can guarantee you that there are plenty of legitimate online casinos that provide second, third, and even fourth deposit bonuses.

Since the third deposit bonus is part of a welcome package, you will find the offer on the casino’s welcome page. If you want to use the third deposit bonus, you are required to use the first two as well. All the deposit bonuses are interconnected, meaning you cannot use one without the others.

If you use the third deposit bonus, that does not mean you will have to use the fourth if it’s offered. Additionally, you will not be required to use the fifth or sixth deposit bonus if casinos provide them. Also, it’s quite rare to stumble upon these bonuses.

Keep in mind that every following bonus is always smaller than the previous one. The first deposit bonus is always the largest one offered in the welcome package. That does not mean those bonuses are not worth the claim, however.

Always read through the site’s terms and conditions, as not every welcome bonus package is the same and consists of the same wagering requirements.

Different Types of Third Deposit Bonuses

Types of bonusesAlmost any online casino bonus comes in two varieties, including the third deposit bonus. Players can usually see two offers — deposit match bonuses and free spins. Both of these bonuses have their advantages, so let’s go over them in detail.

Deposit Match Bonus

Match BonusA significant portion of online casinos will require an initial deposit from new users to start playing. A deposit match bonus will, as the name suggests, match your deposit completely.

The majority of online casinos offer a 100% deposit match up to a certain amount of money. For example, if an online casino is promoting a deposit match bonus of 100% up to €500, that means, if your initial deposit does not exceed €500, the casino will entirely match it. With this type of match, you will instantly have €1,000 in your account.

Of course, you are free to deposit more money than a casino suggests, but that means the casino will not entirely match your deposit. For example, if the casino offers a 100% up to €2,000 and your deposit is €3,000, you will not receive an additional 3k to your account, only the 2,000 that was previously indicated.

Don’t think your eyes are fooling you if you come across a 200% or even 500% deposit match. Some online casinos offer that as well.

Keep in mind that there is always a minimum limit for depositing money. The minimum limits are required so that players can unlock bonuses. These limits are usually €10 or €20 for most European countries. In some cases, there are maximum limits for depositing money as well — not all casinos have these limits, however.

All players will need to satisfy specific wagering requirements to successfully withdraw their winnings — something we will talk about later.

Free Spins

Free SpinsIf you’re persistent enough to find an excellent welcome bonus package, you will get something extra as well. Plenty of online casinos will throw in a number of free spins, along with the third deposit match bonus.

Some casinos will only offer free spins as a third deposit bonus without the match bonus. Both offers are amazing — it only depends on what you are specifically looking for.

Free spins are connected with video slot games from the online casino’s portfolio of games. You won’t need to wager anything to play the slots if you receive free spins to use. Every player that accepts a third deposit bonus in the form of free spins will receive a previously determined number of free spins to use. The online casino typically sets this number, and it cannot be changed or traded for cash.

The number of free spins is not connected with the amount of money you deposit. You will get the same number of free spins, no matter if you deposit €10 or €100.

The number of free spins depends on the online casino, of course. The usual number that you will be awarded is between 20 and 100. Keep in mind that you will not be able to use the free spins on just any video slot. The casino pre-determines the video slot or slots where you can use your free spins. Usually, those slots are top-rated games, like the popular Starburst slot.

Players will not be able to use the free spins in the next year or so. Most online casinos have a clause that states how many hours, days, or weeks you have to use the entirety of the free spins awarded to you. The bet value of free spins is typically fixed between €0.10 and €1 per spin.

The usual maximum cap for this type of bonus is €100. If you thought you would hit the jackpot, we are sorry to disappoint. Casinos won’t take the chance to award their top prize to a player on top of the free spins that won the prize.

How to Claim a Third Deposit Bonus?

Claim bonusDepositing at an online casino is easy, and you have probably already gone through the process since you are currently reading about third deposit bonuses.

The process of unlocking and claiming the third bonus is the same as with the first two. You will need to revisit the Cashier page, select one of the banking options provided and make your third deposit (be sure to at least type in the minimum amount so that you can proceed with the payment).

Some online casinos make it more complicated than merely depositing money to claim the third bonus. Players will need to go to their account page and find an option that says My Bonuses or simply Bonuses and claim the third deposit bonus from there. Other casinos require a written message from users that lets them know the third bonus is selected — this message should be delivered to customer support.

In other cases, you will need to enter a specific bonus code to be able to claim the bonus. The bonus code will look something like this — BONUS3, and if you don’t enter the code before playing the game, the third deposit bonus will not be activated.

Note that the bonus code for the third deposit bonus is not the same as the code for the first or second deposit bonus.

If you cannot find any of the ways we mentioned above to unlock your third deposit bonus — your safest bet is to contact customer support, and they will help you.

What to Look For When Claiming Third Deposit Bonus

What to look forPlayers are sometimes taken in by the flashy letters and big numbers, so they forget to check the terms and conditions before claiming their deposit bonuses. Still, there are plenty of additional requirements hidden in fine print that come with accepting deposit bonuses.

We don’t want you to get burned, so we will explain in detail what you need to look for so as not to get scammed.

Wagering Requirements

Wagering RequirementsIf you haven’t heard of wagering requirements before, you have probably heard of rollovers or playthroughs. Wagering requirements are the most important thing to note when you are claiming a third deposit bonus. If you don’t know the definition of wagering requirement, you only need to know that they represent the number of times you need to play the bonus money over before you’re allowed to request a payout.

If it sounds complicated, don’t worry — it isn’t. However, beginners may still have trouble completely understanding the point of rollovers, so we will explain them further.

Casinos will not give you free money; we mentioned that before. So, when you make your deposit and a casino matches it, you will see more money added to your account. Of course, you will not be able to request a payout right away.

Before you are allowed to withdraw any money, you will need to play some games and use the awarded bonus. The wagering requirements represent the number of times you have to play the bonus amount over.

For example, if the rollover is 40x and your deposit is €10, you will need to wager at least €400 (40 x €10) of the bonus money from your account before you can cash out.

This doesn’t mean you will have to win €400, but all the wagered bonuses need to reach the total amount of €400. Players can withdraw any money left after fulfilling the wagering requirements.

Always look for reasonable wagering requirements for the third deposit bonus. If the rollover is too high, maybe the third deposit is not worth it. We recommend staying within 30x to 60x wagering requirements for the third deposit bonus, including free spins.

Selection of Games

ChoicesKeep in mind that the selection of games offered at an online casino will be limited when using your third deposit bonus. The same goes for the first and the second bonus.

The casino usually pre-selects a game or a group of games on which you can use up your third deposit bonus — almost always video slot games. These games are the most popular and well-renowned games from exquisite software providers.

Note that some games will not be fully counted towards fulfilling the wagering requirements. Table games and video poker only count 5% or 10%, for example.

Playing video slots is your best option to completely fulfill the wagering requirements since they almost always count as 100%.

Expiration Date of Bonuses

TimerCasinos will not allow you to use the third deposit bonus for a long time. There is always a specific number of days or even hours during which you will need to use up your bonus. Some online casinos will give you a week or even a month.

Within this time, you will need to meet all the wagering requirements to request a payout. Unfortunately, if you do not fulfill the playthroughs, you will not be able to cash out and receive your winnings.

That’s why we always urge players to thoroughly read the terms and conditions. Carefully reading the T&Cs is essential so that you can see if you will be able to meet the rollovers in a day or two.

Limit to Withdrawal

WarningAs you have already figured out, online casinos will not give away free money or more money than you’re entitled to. There is always a set limit to how much money you are able to withdraw. Bonuses are never unlimited.

Casinos do not advertise this, so again — always read the T&Cs.

Pay Attention to Payment Methods

Payment CardsSome payment methods are not included as options when making your first, second, or third deposit bonus. If you were planning on using Skrill or Neteller, you would probably be affected by this.

You should also check if different payment methods have different minimal limits for making a deposit. It doesn’t happen often, but it has happened, so we need to mention it.

Our warmest recommendation is to use cryptocurrency as a method of depositing money. It is the most secure and quickest way of making a payment, and most online casinos support Bitcoin, Litecoin, and Ethereum.

Bonus Codes

Bonus CodesBonus codes are made up of numbers and letters and represent a unique code for activating a bonus feature. Since they are unique, you can only use them once. Players will need to type in this bonus code to enable a third deposit bonus with some online casinos.

Usually, third deposit bonus codes look something like this: BONUS300, BITCOIN3, THIRD100.

Country Restrictions

Country RestrictionsDon’t forget to check whether a particular online casino is allowed to operate in your country. Some online casinos do not have permission to operate in certain countries because of legal issues and restrictions.

If an online casino can’t operate in one or more countries, the list of the restricted countries can be found in the terms and conditions. Always check the list.

Third Deposit Bonus vs. No Deposit Bonus

No DepositSome players wonder what the difference between third deposit bonuses and no-deposit bonuses is and why one of them is better than the other.

Indeed, you won’t need to deposit any money to collect the bonus that comes with a no-deposit promotion. However, those bonuses are usually quite small. Most online casinos will offer around 10 free spins and/or €20.

Additionally, no-deposit bonuses come with high wagering requirements. It is easy to say that most bonuses are not worth the hassle that comes with completing the demanding playthroughs.

We understand that you might be reluctant to pass on the opportunity that doesn’t require investing any of your hard-earned money. However, third deposit bonuses are more substantial, meaning you can play them longer and earn more money. They are your realistic chance of winning more significant amounts of money, and that’s ultimately your goal.

Final Thoughts: Are Third Deposit Bonuses Worth It?

LikeWe think that all bonuses that come with the welcome package at online casinos are worth it — notably the first, second, and third deposit bonus. There are no actual risks involved if you choose to claim the third deposit bonus — you will get more than you have started with.

No matter if you opt for a deposit match bonus, the free spins, or both, you will maximize your chances of winning real money.

Always check if the wagering requirements are too high and consider if you will be able to fulfill them thoroughly and in time. You wouldn’t want to go through all the hassle and end up with nothing. Reading the T&Cs will always give you all the necessary information about the third deposit bonus, and you will know if it’s worth your money.

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